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Tasting Audemars Piguet replica oak chronograph watch

The advent of the replica watches to the present and more than 150 years of history, since its inception in 1875 since 1880 to 1890 produced 1,625 hours, there are 627 equipped with a timing function, which has 299 With chronograph function, 6 with lightning femtosecond function. In 1993, Audemars Piguet replica launched the ultimate sense of movement of the Royal Oak offshore watch, the vast majority of which are equipped with timing function.

And Audemars Piguet’s most iconic series, the Royal Oak Series launched in 1997, the first chronograph, chronograph movement thickness of only less than 5.5 mm, one of the most successful Waters watches. Since then, this best-selling timepiece has launched many versions. Today, the Royal Oak Series chronograph has become one of the core products of this series.

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This year’s Royal Oak Series chronograph launch 20 anniversary, after a new design of the Royal Oak Series chronograph (model: 26331ST.OO.1220ST.02) debut in the SIHH. 41mm case diameter, with “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial, dial subtle design sublimation, to show a new aesthetic, fresh and clear two-color dial design with new details, modern luxury replica replica sports temperament blowing.

Timing button is no longer used before the screw-in design, greatly improving the timing function of the operation convenience. Waterproof performance is still 50 meters before the waterproof.

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The integrated strap process is very complex, the length of the straps with a total of 138 need to manually polished the edges and corners, so that each link to achieve symmetrical ramp effect, as well as polished and frosted staggered visual beauty.

These costless and ingenious craftsmanship make every royal oak stainless steel watch showing a distinctive color.

As a result of the same movement, the thickness of the watch and the first launch of the chronograph in 1997 is not much difference. Royal oak series of different levels of all through the watchmaker hand polished, very time-consuming.

Black “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial, silver sub-dial, neatly arranged. 3 o’clock for the 30-minute chronograph, 9 o’clock is 12 hours chronograph, 6 little bit of small seconds. Date display is located between 4,5 o’clock, clear when reading.

The luminous display is clear and can be easily read in any environment.

Stainless steel bottom cover, fixed by eight white gold screws. Equipped with Caliber 2835 self-winding self-produced movement, this by the love of the self-made chronograph movement thickness of only 5.5 mm, composed of 304 components, power reserve more than 40 hours. Movement 18K rose gold pendulum Tuo decorated with Geneva, the main splint decorated with ring pattern, bridge plywood with manual chamfer polishing.

Summary: The new royal oak chronograph fake watches a total of 7 different materials, dial color models. Which steel material with black and white blue three color dial; rose gold material with brown blue dial, rose gold bracelet and leather strap two, precise timing and perfect combination of shape.

Cartier Replica

Cartier Drive de Cartier replica series moon phase fake watches

Unique pillow case, light-colored dial clearly visible large Roman numerals, sword-shaped blue steel pointer, slim case thickness … … so several key elements together constitute a highly recognizable Cartier Drive De Cartier replica watches series. And these elements also show the characteristics of its wearer, do not follow the crowd, the pursuit of freedom and uninhibited, to maintain self-attitude to watch the style rather than status and so on.

On behalf of the characteristics of the Drive de Cartier series, regardless of wearing casual wear or dress can be easily managed, once launched on the basis of independent elegance style gentleman favored. This year, following the Drive de Cartier series of small seconds on the self-winding watch, double time zone day and night display watch and floating Tourbillon watch, this series add two new masterpiece, a slim movement fake watches and this A moon phase function watch.

This Drive de Cartier fake series moon phase watch continues this series of aesthetic ideas, continue to interpret the elegant gentleman temperament. This section of the Drive de Cartier series moon phase watch will be accompanied by MSI’s golden moon in the wrist, the release of men’s gentle side. Cartier fake This moon phase watch not only enriched its Drive de Cartier series watches, more elegant gentleman to provide more cheap replica watches options.

Warm tone of the 18K rose gold to create a pillow-shaped case rounded smooth, decorated with simple white twist to twist, with black large Roman numerals time, time to read clear and convenient. Dial center with a sword-shaped blue steel pointer, the mirror slightly raised for the dial to provide comprehensive protection. Dial 6 position with moon phase display, this complex function to accurately reproduce the new moon, the last month, full moon and the last round of the cycle of replacement time. Drive de Cartier series of moon phase display with “astronomical” level of precision quality, only need to be calibrated once every 125 years.

Watch the crown using the same 18K rose gold to create, octagonal design is simple and beautiful and easy to operate, the top of the crown inlaid a multi-faceted sapphire.

Watch strap with brown crocodile leather strap, for the daily wear to add a little charm, strap with 18K rose gold folding clasp, wearing a comfortable fit.

This Drive de Cartier series moon phase watch carrying Cartier replica 1904-LU MC workshop refined self-winding movement, visible through the transparent table back.

Summary: Cartier Drive de Cartier series of moon phase cheap replica watch to attract an independent, elegant men, their pursuit of free and uninhibited, but gentle and delicate, they have their own set of life ideas and attitude towards life, when and where to keep calm. “Drive de Cartier” between their cuffs looming, not an attachment, and become such a style of expression.

Rolex Replica

Why do I only attach importance to Rolex replica is bracelet

I have been not too much attention to the bracelet and strap, because the metal bracelet is usually not wearing any problems; belt wearing a long time to change, but we can also change the strap around a lot of places, if that general The tape is not good enough, you can also customize the strap. Some domestic custom strap business from the selection of materials, color selection to the watch done, the middle of time will not be long, custom strap texture, the quality is better, and the price is not too high, you can also marked the corresponding watch Brand logo, need to change the strap when people sit back and relax. However, in all the replica watches, I only attach importance to Rolex’s bracelet, because we all know, different models of Rolex use bracelet is not the same, and even the same chain, different periods of the chain between, there is a very big difference. This led to the Rolex replica bracelet on the value of a Rolex watch has a great impact, and even decided to buy a Rolex or do not buy the problem. It is important.

Rolex has also used a lot of leather straps in history, and we can see the antique labor of many belts.

Rolex bracelet in a very long period of time, not Rolex own do.

Even now, most of the watch brand of the strap is not actually do their own, are purchased from the outside. Rolex is currently one of the few to produce their own bracelet watch factory, but the original Rolex also do not have their own ability to produce bracelet. In history, the first Rolex Oyster bracelet is Rolex purchased from the outside. In the 1930s, watch bracelet cost extra, and today, the price of a bracelet is very high, and sometimes the price of a bracelet will account for half of the whole cheap fake watches (now let alone a chain, that is, A chain, the price is very high, especially the Rolex clasp on the small crown, if out, need to change a chain). Rolex’s oyster bracelet is from the then famous watch chain manufacturer Gay Frères. Including the later Audemars Piguet oak bracelet are provided by Gay Frères. At the time, there were many watch chains in the watch industry, but Rolex had a soft spot for Gay Frères and had been using Gay Frères’s bracelet until 1998, when Rolex acquired Gay Frères.
Rolex on the bracelet is a major improvement in the front of the chain to add a curved section, so that the bracelet and the case from the integration. This has also become the beginning of the modern oyster bracelet.

We now see that the vast majority of cheap Rolex replica is a chain with a table, the belt model is not much. But at first, the Rolex Oyster Bracelet was used only on Bubble Back and Rolex Early Chronograph. Other watches can be equipped with a belt, until one day (1952), Rolex Oyster bracelet made a major improvement, so that Oyster strap really become familiar with the look. The earliest Rolex chain is hanging between the ears on the axis, between the bracelet and the case there is a gap. Hanging on the shaft of the bracelet on the table ear shaft pressure is relatively large, leaving a “security risk”, Rolex in 1952 at the end of the chain with a chain, so that the bracelet has become now and the case into one Style, since then, Rolex metal chain belt began to dominate the world. The first use of the “modern” Oyster bracelet watch is Rolex launched in 1954 6542 GMT GMT, followed by the first generation of Rolex exploration, the first generation of water ghosts are beginning to use Oyster bracelet.
Rolex fake watches in different periods of oyster.

So far, Rolex Oyster bracelet has gone through three generations, and now in the sale of watches Oyster bracelet is the third generation of improved version.

The first generation of Oyster bracelet: the first generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “screw bracelet.” We can easily see that the first generation of Oyster bracelet on each chain (chain ends) have a screw, interspersed at both ends of the chain. This is the first generation of Oyster-style bracelet recognition features.
The second generation of oyster bracelet: the second generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “folding bracelet.” We can see that the bracelet is folded with a metal sheet from both sides to the inside. The shafts in the bracelet are invisible from the outside and are hidden inside the chain chain. This is the second generation of oyster bracelet features.

The third generation Oyster bracelet: the third generation of chain is characterized by “sealed watch chain.” That is what we are now common style. The chain section is sealed on the side, no screws, no folding, is a whole link. Now the Rolex Oyster bracelet is the appearance (note that I just said the appearance of the same), which is the characteristics of the third generation.
Rolex three generations of Oyster bracelet contrast, from top to bottom, that is, from the first generation to the third generation.
Rolex three generations of chain comparison, from left to right, respectively, the first generation to the third generation.

From the hollow into a solid heart

Now we are common Rolex is the use of the third generation Oyster bracelet models. The third generation oyster bracelet most need to pay attention to the problem is that hollow and solid. The third generation Oyster chain chain is sealed from the side, but the original third-generation Oyster chain chain is hollow. Outside is sealed, but inside is hollow. It was argued that Rolex had to make the bracelet hollow because in order to reduce the weight of the watch (it was only a guess), but for whatever reason, the hollow chain had some problems that were unavoidable. Strong and not solid for the time being, hollow chain inside the filth is true, especially in the summer, sweating, oil and more time. Rolex fake himself should have been aware of this problem, so in about 2010 (my impression is that may be a little forward in 2010) began to hollow table chain into a solid bracelet, the chain chain is a solid metal Piece. Moreover, in fact, in addition to links, before the oyster-style bracelet and case connection is actually a hollow place, and later also take the opportunity to change into a solid. So, such as the old and new yacht, the old model 16622 and the new model 116622 link, the old is hollow, the new is solid (water ghost is the same), the old and new prices between a high and one low, there is a reason The New models of materials than the previous foot.
Rolex first generation of “screw” oyster bracelet, we can see the table chain on a screw, and the table ear is used to “wear ear”.

In the collection of antique Rolex, there is a need to pay attention. I learned that some people put the collection of antique Rolex, take Rolex official after-sales maintenance. In the maintenance and repair process, Rolex official will replace some old parts into new parts. We most people will feel that Rolex’s service so well, so meticulous. But for the antique table lovers, it may not be good news, because their table is not from the original.

Rolex second generation “folding” oyster bracelet, we can see the chain section is a metal sheet repeatedly folded, the ear is also wearing ears.

Without hesitation, in addition to Rolex, I have never been concerned about any other watch bracelet, because the Rolex watch chain situation will directly affect the watch trading. One of the biggest features of the Rolex watch is the recognition between the various models. Rolex looks similar to the appearance, but through the watch on some of the details, a small place can distinguish between a new model or the old model. The bracelet is one of the most visible features of the Rooster new and old models. Now the market flow of Rolex a lot, five numbers of the old models and 6 numbers of the new amount of the largest. The previously mentioned yachts 16622 and 116622 are a very good example. Two yachts of the table almost no difference between the movement on the shock absorbers, gorgeous hair these small details we can not see, so only through the bracelet. 16622 and 116622 of the bracelet is significantly different, one will know. We often see such a situation, the table business to sell a yacht, the model is the subject of 116622, the price is very low (lower than the general price of 116622), people heart, a look at the watch chain is to know 16622, the original is the wrong model The This is why I do not understand the other table bracelet, except that a little Rolex watch chain reasons.

Rolex fake watches third generation “sealed” oyster bracelet, bracelet is sealed, the ear is not perforated “mil”.
In the previous year, Rolex launched a new DAY DATE40 (228238). The new DD40 uses new technology in the bracelet, replacing the steel shafts in the chain chain with ceramic shafts. This is because, before Rolex’s bracelet, especially the five-pin chain of the middle chain of more links, with a long time will become loose, the chain becomes loose, not strong. Replaced with ceramic shaft, the ceramic than the previous steel shaft wear, so that the bracelet is more firm. According to Rolex’s tradition, after an estimate (after a few years), Rolex’s bracelet will be replaced with a new ceramic shaft, the level of Rolex fake watches chain will once again be the overall upgrade. Has been imitated, never been beyond, this is Rolex’s bracelet.

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Do not say you know the luminous replica watches

Although the luminous watch is a basic decoration, but also as a function of the replica watches, it is with the watch to get along with the morning and evening, it seems more dull. Almost every watch like a small partner will know it or not. You know, the first modern watch in the history of the birth of a hundred years ago, in the history of the watch, the watch from the work to the shape, from the material to the complex function applications have experienced many times evolution. Each watchmaking technology is mature and the development of science and technology are closely related to progress. As the usual luminous function is so common, its technology from development to improvement of the process intriguing, full of fun and chance. Now many watch has this magical function, what is more, with excellent luminous design has become the biggest selling point of the watch. Want to really understand the luminous table? Follow me! Let’s turn the lights off.


Full of accidental invention of the first piece of watch


Breguet, Napoleon’s choice

Speaking of the luminous function of the watch, first of all to know how to watch. The first watch of the “birth” is not not from the hands of professional watchmakers, nor is it derived from the mechanical master of the pen, but with eight clock pole can not beat the French emperor Napoleon. It is said that in 1806 Napoleon to win the beauty (Queen Josephine) favor, ordered craftsmen to create a “small bell” as the wrist bracelet, this is the world’s first watch. Since then the pocket watch as a symbol of men’s identity, while the watch has become a charm to show a small child objects.

Radium Glow – Turns on the first light of the night time meter reading


The radium element in a test tube

Since the watch is produced, for its creation has not stopped. Some people may ask, is not the first light luminous powder it? Luminous powder is indeed earlier than the fluorescent material of radium, this material is a class of zinc sulfide powder as a substrate material, which itself does not have the function of light, but after the light irradiation will be light. But because of material problems and technical problems, such a powder can only maintain a very short period of light.

Retro Tudor full of new bronze watch

Early pocket watch is very few of this feature, and its popularity to the war after the need for military equipment is gradually reflected. The night light source was mainly a flashlight or light bulb, but in a war environment, the use of these two things to complete the night operation is deadly, because the light source will expose your location, hidden light became a problem to be solved at that time . So Curie invented radium elements in more than 20 years, because of the extraction of radium technology is relatively mature, scale and yield is not a small upgrade, the application of elements slowly to the industry closer. As Radium is a radioactive element, can emit α and γ two kinds of rays, so through a certain synthesis can produce a certain brightness of the self-luminous, relatively suitable for close observation of the luminous material. Thus, by the zinc sulfide, radium bromide and new thorium made of fluorescent coating and glue mixed together, smear on the military instruments and watches.

Panerai RADIOMIR series PAM00505 watch luminous display

However, radium, after all, radiation elements, itself contains highly toxic. Even if rarely measured, there are cases of table cover of the protection, there will be harm to people. Radium at the time can not be used as a fluorescent agent is another drawback because when the tightness of the replica watches sale is not good, long-term use of the watch makes the water vapor and air into them, radium will soon be aging, loss of function. But the development of radium in the fluorescent agent is also very meaningful, well-known brands PANERAI with the then they use the Radiomir luminous named a series now, indicating that the luminous radium has a considerable impact on the field.

Illuminated half a century dial of tritium (chuan) luminous


Tritium luminous display

Fifty years later with the development of science and technology, the use of radium has been a great security guarantee, no longer because of other materials or work and affect human health. But then, a safer, more practical chemical element “tritium” began to be applied to all the wrist of the public. Because it radiation is very small, very practical. Through the collision of the glass tube light it is also one of the mainstream of modern fluorescent agent.

Boer tritium vapor lamp dial display

Since the luminous luminous material (radium and tritium), do not need to absorb energy from the outside, it can be sustained light. Diving table common “T <25” means that the amount of tritium radiation is less than 25 Curie units, in line with safety standards. In the past 50 years of the Swiss watch, often marked at the bottom of the six-hour standard “T Swiss Made T”, its meaning is the use of luminous tritium for the material, the amount of safety standards. The half-life of tritium is about 12.5 years, that is, tritium can illuminate the fake watches for more than a decade. After this time, tritium began to age, turn yellow, and gradually lost the luminous effect. Later, the Japanese invented a tritium compound, delaying the aging of tritium, which makes the watch fluorescence can last a long time. But after all, as the existence of radioactive elements, the risk will not affect the wearer, but it will also affect the production of raw materials workers, coupled with the United Nations humanitarian control, so the watch brand for its use on the very few.

Miniature tritium trachea


Miniature tritium trachea

I believe that when it comes to miniature tritium trachea we will not feel strange, this swept the military table sector of the real name of the micro tritium called “Tritium Gas Vial”, in 1989 the US military began using it as the standard specifications, in 1991, tritium trachea Army The table formally assembled the US military and was heavily adopted in the first Gulf War.

Safe and stable Luminova luminous


Omega watch luminous display

Luminova is a non-radioactive environmental protection materials, the earliest 80 years began by the Japanese special chemical group developed. Until the mid-90s of last century, this new luminous material began production. Until now, this kind of luminous material has been applied in every corner of the world, small to watch, large aircraft precision instruments, are through this material to decorate the code full of charm night, making a lot of operations can Tight Luo densely in the night to complete. Of course, the application on the watch is also very broad, such as Lange’s watch makes me deeply in love with the luminous performance of the watch, let us watch together below!

Lange Grand Lange 1 Moonphase “Lumen” watch

Summary: charming dazzling luminescence cheap replica watches also has its twists and turns of the development of the road, the watch appears to be simple technology, the little bit behind him a little-known history. Like the luminous function of the watch, but also need to understand its interesting development process, this is full of the era of mechanical technology is the correct attitude. What kind of luminous watch you like it? May wish to say it out to enjoy the appreciation of it!