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Why do I only attach importance to Rolex replica is bracelet

I have been not too much attention to the bracelet and strap, because the metal bracelet is usually not wearing any problems; belt wearing a long time to change, but we can also change the strap around a lot of places, if that general The tape is not good enough, you can also customize the strap. Some domestic custom strap business from the selection of materials, color selection to the watch done, the middle of time will not be long, custom strap texture, the quality is better, and the price is not too high, you can also marked the corresponding watch Brand logo, need to change the strap when people sit back and relax. However, in all the replica watches, I only attach importance to Rolex’s bracelet, because we all know, different models of Rolex use bracelet is not the same, and even the same chain, different periods of the chain between, there is a very big difference. This led to the Rolex replica bracelet on the value of a Rolex watch has a great impact, and even decided to buy a Rolex or do not buy the problem. It is important.

Rolex has also used a lot of leather straps in history, and we can see the antique labor of many belts.

Rolex bracelet in a very long period of time, not Rolex own do.

Even now, most of the watch brand of the strap is not actually do their own, are purchased from the outside. Rolex is currently one of the few to produce their own bracelet watch factory, but the original Rolex also do not have their own ability to produce bracelet. In history, the first Rolex Oyster bracelet is Rolex purchased from the outside. In the 1930s, watch bracelet cost extra, and today, the price of a bracelet is very high, and sometimes the price of a bracelet will account for half of the whole cheap fake watches (now let alone a chain, that is, A chain, the price is very high, especially the Rolex clasp on the small crown, if out, need to change a chain). Rolex’s oyster bracelet is from the then famous watch chain manufacturer Gay Frères. Including the later Audemars Piguet oak bracelet are provided by Gay Frères. At the time, there were many watch chains in the watch industry, but Rolex had a soft spot for Gay Frères and had been using Gay Frères’s bracelet until 1998, when Rolex acquired Gay Frères.
Rolex on the bracelet is a major improvement in the front of the chain to add a curved section, so that the bracelet and the case from the integration. This has also become the beginning of the modern oyster bracelet.

We now see that the vast majority of cheap Rolex replica is a chain with a table, the belt model is not much. But at first, the Rolex Oyster Bracelet was used only on Bubble Back and Rolex Early Chronograph. Other watches can be equipped with a belt, until one day (1952), Rolex Oyster bracelet made a major improvement, so that Oyster strap really become familiar with the look. The earliest Rolex chain is hanging between the ears on the axis, between the bracelet and the case there is a gap. Hanging on the shaft of the bracelet on the table ear shaft pressure is relatively large, leaving a “security risk”, Rolex in 1952 at the end of the chain with a chain, so that the bracelet has become now and the case into one Style, since then, Rolex metal chain belt began to dominate the world. The first use of the “modern” Oyster bracelet watch is Rolex launched in 1954 6542 GMT GMT, followed by the first generation of Rolex exploration, the first generation of water ghosts are beginning to use Oyster bracelet.
Rolex fake watches in different periods of oyster.

So far, Rolex Oyster bracelet has gone through three generations, and now in the sale of watches Oyster bracelet is the third generation of improved version.

The first generation of Oyster bracelet: the first generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “screw bracelet.” We can easily see that the first generation of Oyster bracelet on each chain (chain ends) have a screw, interspersed at both ends of the chain. This is the first generation of Oyster-style bracelet recognition features.
The second generation of oyster bracelet: the second generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “folding bracelet.” We can see that the bracelet is folded with a metal sheet from both sides to the inside. The shafts in the bracelet are invisible from the outside and are hidden inside the chain chain. This is the second generation of oyster bracelet features.

The third generation Oyster bracelet: the third generation of chain is characterized by “sealed watch chain.” That is what we are now common style. The chain section is sealed on the side, no screws, no folding, is a whole link. Now the Rolex Oyster bracelet is the appearance (note that I just said the appearance of the same), which is the characteristics of the third generation.
Rolex three generations of Oyster bracelet contrast, from top to bottom, that is, from the first generation to the third generation.
Rolex three generations of chain comparison, from left to right, respectively, the first generation to the third generation.

From the hollow into a solid heart

Now we are common Rolex is the use of the third generation Oyster bracelet models. The third generation oyster bracelet most need to pay attention to the problem is that hollow and solid. The third generation Oyster chain chain is sealed from the side, but the original third-generation Oyster chain chain is hollow. Outside is sealed, but inside is hollow. It was argued that Rolex had to make the bracelet hollow because in order to reduce the weight of the watch (it was only a guess), but for whatever reason, the hollow chain had some problems that were unavoidable. Strong and not solid for the time being, hollow chain inside the filth is true, especially in the summer, sweating, oil and more time. Rolex fake himself should have been aware of this problem, so in about 2010 (my impression is that may be a little forward in 2010) began to hollow table chain into a solid bracelet, the chain chain is a solid metal Piece. Moreover, in fact, in addition to links, before the oyster-style bracelet and case connection is actually a hollow place, and later also take the opportunity to change into a solid. So, such as the old and new yacht, the old model 16622 and the new model 116622 link, the old is hollow, the new is solid (water ghost is the same), the old and new prices between a high and one low, there is a reason The New models of materials than the previous foot.
Rolex first generation of “screw” oyster bracelet, we can see the table chain on a screw, and the table ear is used to “wear ear”.

In the collection of antique Rolex, there is a need to pay attention. I learned that some people put the collection of antique Rolex, take Rolex official after-sales maintenance. In the maintenance and repair process, Rolex official will replace some old parts into new parts. We most people will feel that Rolex’s service so well, so meticulous. But for the antique table lovers, it may not be good news, because their table is not from the original.

Rolex second generation “folding” oyster bracelet, we can see the chain section is a metal sheet repeatedly folded, the ear is also wearing ears.

Without hesitation, in addition to Rolex, I have never been concerned about any other watch bracelet, because the Rolex watch chain situation will directly affect the watch trading. One of the biggest features of the Rolex watch is the recognition between the various models. Rolex looks similar to the appearance, but through the watch on some of the details, a small place can distinguish between a new model or the old model. The bracelet is one of the most visible features of the Rooster new and old models. Now the market flow of Rolex a lot, five numbers of the old models and 6 numbers of the new amount of the largest. The previously mentioned yachts 16622 and 116622 are a very good example. Two yachts of the table almost no difference between the movement on the shock absorbers, gorgeous hair these small details we can not see, so only through the bracelet. 16622 and 116622 of the bracelet is significantly different, one will know. We often see such a situation, the table business to sell a yacht, the model is the subject of 116622, the price is very low (lower than the general price of 116622), people heart, a look at the watch chain is to know 16622, the original is the wrong model The This is why I do not understand the other table bracelet, except that a little Rolex watch chain reasons.

Rolex fake watches third generation “sealed” oyster bracelet, bracelet is sealed, the ear is not perforated “mil”.
In the previous year, Rolex launched a new DAY DATE40 (228238). The new DD40 uses new technology in the bracelet, replacing the steel shafts in the chain chain with ceramic shafts. This is because, before Rolex’s bracelet, especially the five-pin chain of the middle chain of more links, with a long time will become loose, the chain becomes loose, not strong. Replaced with ceramic shaft, the ceramic than the previous steel shaft wear, so that the bracelet is more firm. According to Rolex’s tradition, after an estimate (after a few years), Rolex’s bracelet will be replaced with a new ceramic shaft, the level of Rolex fake watches chain will once again be the overall upgrade. Has been imitated, never been beyond, this is Rolex’s bracelet.

IWC Replica

New IWC Pilot replica watches

Famous Swiss watch brand IWC IWC since 1936 created the first pilot ordered a specially designed watch, has started with the aviation indissoluble bond, has been a full 80 years. This year, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth family, IWC IWC Pilot’s Watch launched a new series, the new series not only take into account the consumer demand for different types of watches, but also a perfect continuation of orthodox pilot watch style.

New IWC Pilot replica watches


Since 1940 IWC launched a large pilot replica watches (52T. S. C. type), which has been to build the nations of the size of the largest watch. This year, IWC launched a new large-scale pilot Heritage Watch (Model: IW510401), with great dial 55 mm in diameter to reproduce once in 1940 size. The difference is that the new use of titanium metal material, such lightweight material makes the whole gold watch weighs less than 150 grams. Dial design with historic interior cockpit instrument layout-oriented, matt black dial, watchmakers large Arabic numerals and minute scale display lines with a thick coating of Super-LumiNova® luminous coating ensures excellent Yi readability. Minute ring, Arabic numerals, and a propeller pointer retains the original beige swiss fake watches. Limited edition of 100.

Big Pilot’s Watch heritage 48 (Model: IW510301) more in line with modern aesthetic habits and wearing comfort. Also in the case of 48 mm titanium metal material to build, weighs only 120 grams, is very suitable for everyday wear. The IWC replica watches 59215-type manual winding movement power reserve up to 192 hours after the full chain ensures accurate watch when walking within eight days, the remaining power may be displayed easily through the opening on the bottom of the table by a sapphire glass cover small kinetic energy read. In addition to the kinetic energy of the display window, this pilot watch is also equipped with a soft iron inner shell, effectively protect the watch from magnetic fields. Big Pilot’s heritage watch 48 is also equipped with a slip clutch to prevent excessive chain. Brown calfskin strap so watch firmly fixed on the wrist.

New swiss  IWC Pilot replica watches


The new large-scale pilot replica watches (Model: IW500912), dial the triangular flag is back under minute circle, the auxiliary flag is given more weight when you read this, and the number “9” to return to its intended location. In addition, digital slightly bold, five minutes scale it becomes more slender. When the entire section meter function more harmonious, and with the 1940 original watches strikingly similar. Santoni strap in black calfskin to create, and this cheap fake watches with a perfect, also the nations for the first time this famous footwear manufacturer calfskin strap on this watch.

The new Pilot Chronograph (Model: IW377709 / IW377710) this week using a single heavy digital date display, abandoned before the triple date display. Small numbers five minutes on the same outer minute circle is omitted, so that the dial clearer under all lighting conditions to ensure legibility. With rugged 79320-type chronograph movement, the watch can record up to 12 hours of staging and timing accumulated time. Its soft iron inner shell can withstand the influence of external magnetic field. In addition, the pilot chronograph watch now and can be paired with a historic Nato strap-inspired two-tone fabric strap.

Three stainless steel models of the new Pilot’s Watch Mark eighteen (Model: IW327001 / IW327002 / IW327011), equipped with a black or silver dial. Dial Arabic numerals huge rounded shape, each located at a predetermined position,, the number 12 is on both sides of the triangular flag with a white dot mark an alternative in order to achieve at a higher resolution reading. Date window at 3 o’clock position was also canceled a triple date display. Watch the bottom of the table engraved Ju 52 patterns. All watches Pilot’s Watch Mark eighteen now also with two-color fabric strap to historic Nato strap inspired.

Pilot a new world time zone Chronograph (Model: IW395001) is this year’s first release, which is unique in that only by a single motion put rotating bezel display another time zone adjusted to include the date and 24 hours, including a pointer . Just press the main table bezel, rotate to the desired time zone, and release the bezel again – nothing more. This action can be synchronized with the clock transferred to a small 24 hours pointer, this pointer can display the current time of day and night, the selected time zone. Date show the same moves, either clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the main table, or 24 hours if the pointer across midnight. On the other hand, the movement of the minute hand and the movement of this operation will not be affected, the advantage is that the watch even after repeated functional tests, still shows the correct time. Since only a single watch display the time, the main table and not confuse time. If you want to know, such as Tokyo or Mexico City’s business partner is present in the office or at home sleeping, watch wearer simply leave the corresponding city easily rotated upward cycle and again. The same applies to air travelers or pilots, despite frequent changes of time zones, they can take home time display, and re-switch back to home time.
The new automatic pilot watch 36 nations are complementary pilots watch series, designed for all ages at the time of the count of slightly smaller size who love the table elegant design. Case diameter 36 mm, the swiss IWC replica Pilot’s Watches smallest watch. The dial design uses three five watches, has the same 36 mm case diameter of the legendary Mark eleven watch modeled. Pilot 36 automatic watch (Model: 3240) for having favored timeless understated style wrist watch and finer men and women is very attractive. This elegant 3-pointer dial watch continues the clear minimalist design line. Comfort is key and reserved this new pilot watch a major feature of the design of the dial structured, more three-dimensional. Watches are polished bezel, brushed with a radial sun dial.
“Little Prince” as a special edition watch IWC Pilot’s replica watches in a very popular series, this year also introduced four new watch, large-scale pilot calendar watch “The Little Prince” Special Edition (Model: IW502701) also miraculously fusion of flying and writing, art and poetry of both worlds, creating a red gold case is equipped with elegant special edition watch, limited edition of 250.

Large pilot watch “The Little Prince” special version equipped with cheap IWC replica homemade 51111-type movement. In the spring constant pendulum Tuo and Pellaton pawl-winding system in the shortest possible time to provide more than seven days of power reserve. Small dial power reserve display may be an accurate indication of the time remaining before the movement pause. Large pilot watch “The Little Prince” special edition “6 o’clock” position set date and flight watch with central seconds essential. Its 46 mm stainless steel case with a soft iron inner shell, effectively protect the movement against extreme magnetic fields.

Pilot Chronograph “Little Prince” is a special edition pilot watch three most sporty watches, clearly structured minute ring, white pointer and figures, as well as triangular flags. In order to improve readability, new watches omitted triple date display, dial neater. With rugged 79320-type chronograph movement, the replica watches can record up to 12 hours of staging and timing accumulated time. Soft iron inner shell can best withstand external magnetic fields.

IWC Pilot replica watches


Mark eighteen pilot watch “The Little Prince” Special Edition continues the tradition of classic aviator watch. Clearly structured cockpit instrument panel dials as streamlined as the core element in legible as a top priority. Single display uses the same date. Equipped with 30110 automatic movement, it can provide 42-hour power reserve. In terms of accuracy and robustness, Mark eighteen pilot watch “The Little Prince” Special Edition as early models, in line with professional pilots watch a series of requirements. Mark also upholds the traditional eighteen pilot watch with magnetic soft iron inner shell, and the assembly can withstand sudden drop in air pressure glass table mirror, with the 1948 launch of the legendary pilot watches Mark eleven watch the same strain.

Big Pilot’s replica watches TOP GUN Navy air combat forces (Model: IW502001) Case diameter narrow 2 mm, 46 mm diameter ceramic case with a clear appearance and a small second balancer red signal small aircraft like profile omitted. Has a white dot marking triangular sign now no longer integrated into the minute circle, but is located above the IWC logo as an additional decorative elements, white Arabic numerals design is also more prominent.

This year a new IWC Spitfire series, by calendar watch digital date month, an extraordinary complex functions, such as large digital date and month display (Model: IW379108) to continue in the Spitfire family. Designers not only for dynamic everyday watches Spitfire Pilot Chronograph equipped with the new date, also combines the week on the dial display.

The new Spitfire Pilot Chronograph (Model: IW377719) stainless steel case bezel highlighted by polished, shiny metallic distributing slate gray dial mounted sun Microhyla with the same name Spitfire gray body is exactly the same. Magnetic soft iron inner shell protect the delicate movement from magnetic fields, glass table mirror assembly firm, and will not be able to withstand sudden drop in air pressure release. Stainless steel case engraved with a Spitfire in the bottom of the table.

Omega Replica

Omega speedmaster moonphase replica

A couple of Speedy Tuesdays prior, we demonstrated to you the new Omega Speedmaster replica Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer accumulation, with the exception of the variant in platinum. This restricted release of 57 pieces just (alluding to 1957, the establishing year of the Speedmaster accumulation), with a case made of platinum, utilizing red liquidmetal(tm) for its bezel and has a platinum dial. Utilizing a platinum dial and red accents made me think about the presented Globemaster Annual Calendar in platinum also.


Omega speedmaster moonphase replica

More foundation data on the Speedmaster Moonphase fake watches and gauges and in addition a presentation of the Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer can be found here.


You can ask yourself whether a Speedmaster ought to be in a 44.25mm distance across instance of platinum, being a games cheap fake watches and all, however it truly suits the Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial great. The watch can be seen as a more dressy watch than the standard Speedmaster (Professional and gauge 9300) models, with its red bezel and crocodile strap. Where the stainless steel and bi-shading Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial models utilize the gauge 9904 development, the gold and platinum forms are outfitted with the bore 9905 development. Detail insightful, they are comparable, however the utilization of materials for the rotor and equalization scaffold are distinctive (Sedna gold).


In view of the bore 9300, the 9904 and 9905 are including a Moonphase intricacy and are both METAS confirmed. Other than being precise (normal day by day deviation of 0 sec – 5 sec) the METAS accreditation likewise guarantees the watch is hostile to attractive up to 15,000 gauss. More on METAS here. Albeit some individuals think METAS is simply a promoting instrument, METAS is an autonomous association in charge of characterizing benchmarks and evaluating them likewise. For this situation, there is dependably a METAS worker situated in the Omega lab and doing tests on tests from the test process on all METAS affirmed swiss fake watches, to guarantee the procedure is really working in like manner. This free inspector from METAS is an imperative resource contrasted with different brands that surface with definitions and test it themselves. Inside METAS, the chronometer standard is likewise being considered and all developments are COSC confirmed before being cased and set back into the (METAS guaranteed) generation process. All these watches are “Expert Chronometer” as indicated by Omega, which isn’t an enlisted definition. The gauge 9905 has a force store of 60 hours and has a silicon (Si14) equalization spring. The swiss replica watches is therefor additionally under guarantee for a long time (rather than the typical 2 years).


The moonphase is connected to a burgundy red plate that matches the liquidmetal(tm) bezel and red gator strap. As indicated by Omega, the moon stage plate (that keeps running from 0 to 29,5 days, the cycle of the Moon) is precise up to 10 years. That is whether you don’t take the gold fake watches off your wrist and choose not to utilize a winder to store it.


Omega utilized platinum dials two or three times now (likewise in the Gray Side of the Moon of two years back for instance) and I adore them. The platinum dial in this Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer is simply shocking. Much the same as the GSotM is has several red accents on the dial which gives an exceptionally decent difference to the dial.


The date window, situated in the left sub dial has a little hand showing the present date, utilizing a little loupe (likewise with a red accent on the moon molded marker). The Co-Axial Master Chronometer is printed underneath the moonphase opening at six o’clock. The whole dial is entirely occupied yet doesn’t appear to me as excessively messed.


Being a constrained release of 57 pieces just, I figure that this luxury fake watches will be sold out generally soon (given the cost of CHF45,000 Swiss Francs). The general population who aren’t that fortunate or ready to buy the Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial platinum constrained version can choose to go for the same model in stainless steel, bi-shading or gold.

For more data, visit Omega on-line.

Rolex Replica

Swiss cheap Rolex replica watches

On May 15 at Geneva’s Hotel La Réserve, Phillips sales management firm, in relationship with Bacs and Russo, will have “Begin, Stop, Reset,” a closeout gave to critical stainless steel chronograph watches, including some exceedingly pined for vintage models from Rolex. Here are the main five Rolex replica watches highlights, according to Phillips’ Head of Watches for America, Paul Boutros.

Part 31: Rolex Ref. 6263 “Tropical Oyster Sotto”


Maybe the most imperative “Paul Newman” Daytonas ever offered at closeout, this steel chronograph dating to 1969 — with a tachymeter bezel, 1/5-second-divisions track imprinted in red, and “tropical” Paul Newman dial format (described by, among different components, the blend of hashmarks with modest squares in the chrono subdials—is one of just two such case of this reference known not in presence. The Italian epithet “Clam Sotto” (“Oyster Underneath”) alludes to the uncommon setup of “Shellfish” put under “Cosmograph” at the 12 o’clock position. This is among the main Rolex Daytona replica watches with Paul Newman dials to be put in an Oyster case, with screw-down pushers offering more noteworthy water resistance over the past models’ “pump” pushers. The watch has a 37.5-mm measurement case and a stainless steel Oyster wrist trinket with deployant fasten, and contains a manual-wind Valjoux 727 development. Another essential offering point is its one of a kind dial shading, which has matured from its unique dark to a uniform and alluring chocolate cocoa. Gauge: $770,900 – $1,541,800.

Part 34: swiss Rolex fake Ref. 6263, “Tropical Panda”

Another exceedingly collectible case of the same reference, likewise around 1969, this fake watches highlights a Paul Newman dial in the purported “Panda” style (grayish dial with dark chronograph subdials and external section ring) and like the Oyster Sotto above, offers a fascinating case of matured shading on the dial: the 1/5-seconds scale on the external edge has developed into a particularly uniform, and exceptional, shade of caramel orange. Gatherers of Rolex Paul Newmans allude to this model as an “Imprint II.” Like the Oyster Sotto, it has a 37.5-mm steel case and steel arm ornament and is furnished with a Valjoux 727 bore. Gauge: $308,400 – $616,400.

Parcel 36: Rolex fake watches Ref. 3346 Zerographe


With its fiercely unusual style contrasted with Rolex models of today, the Zerographe is to a great extent a secret even to Rolex enthusiasts and researchers, as there is no official data on the model accessible from Rolex or even any period publicizing to give point of interest on it. What is thought about this remarkably uncommon timepiece, in any case, is that it was the principal Rolex chronograph in an Oyster case. This piece, issued in 1937, is the first to be fitted with the in-house Caliber 10 1/2″, a physically twisted development with a solitary catch flyback chronograph capacity. The Zerographe, which has a 32-mm case and bolted Oyster wrist trinket, additionally speaks to another first for Rolex: a turning bezel, which would turn into a backbone of numerous Rolex sport fake watches to take after. Not very many of these references have ever surfaced at closeout. Gauge: $257,700 – $513,900.

Parcel 56: Rolex Ref. 4113 “Split-Seconds”


The watch that graces the front of Phillips’ inventory for this sale is one of just 12 pieces ever constructed. Broad exploration has demonstrate that the case beneath, bearing case number 051’314, was the second one fabricated in this to a great degree restricted run. The cheap fake watches, dating to 1942, is much more noteworthy to gatherers since none of the 12 pieces were ever offered straightforwardly to the general population however rather, doubtlessly, displayed to hustling group proprietors and drivers that Rolex was supporting at the time. It includes an a silvered matte dial, rose-gold raised Arabic numerals and twirly doo hour markers, a tachymeter scale and a telemeter scale in blue print. It contains the manual-wind gauge 55 VBR, which controls a split-seconds chronograph capacity, without a doubt for use in timing races. The case, at 44 mm in distance across, would have been viewed as larger than usual at the time however looks strikingly contemporary today. It is the stand out of the closeout’s main five Rolexes on a cowhide strap. Gauge: $822,300 – $1,644,600.

Parcel 88: cheap Rolex fake Ref. 6239 “The Doctor”


This Daytona from 1966 — once more, one of just a modest bunch known not with this sort of dial — got its handle from the blue-printed pulsometer scale along the dial’s external edge. This numbered scale — which required an overhaul of the current Daytona dial to oblige it — was expected for use by medicinal experts, who might utilize it in conjunction with the chronograph to decide the precise number every moment of a patient’s heartbeats. On this dial, the hour markers were drawn somewhat nearer to the inside while the minutes scale and “T-SWISS” assignment were likewise repositioned. The watch underneath, with its 36.5-mm case and arm jewelery with deployant collapsing catch, more likely than not began its horological life as an exceptionally requested piece for a VIP customer. It contains the manual-wind Caliber 722-1. Gauge: $359,700 – $719,500.

The “Stop, Start, Reset” closeout comprises of 88 parcels altogether. Notwithstanding a few more uncommon and essential luxury Rolex fake watches, it incorporates various striking Patek Philippes and in addition authentic chronograph models from brands, for example, Breitling, Breguet, Heuer, Longines, Omega, Universal Genève, Zenith, and others.