Piaget ALTIPLANO series of loose green replica watches

Since the release in 1957, the Piaget Altiplano series has never seen a slim case, simple dial and elegant subtle shape enjoy a high reputation, the ultimate charm of the distribution of elegance. Coincides with the 60th anniversary of the advent of the series, Piaget replica launched Piaget Altiplano 40 mm loose green dial watch, limited to 260, the official model: G0A42052

The whole loose green luxury replica watches has a unique, low-key connotation of the characteristics. In particular, the use of a gradient design Yingying pine green contrast, showing the color of fresh and smart style. So that this new replica watches not only reveals the classic temperament, to the series of rich history of the long tribute, but also contemporary temperament and the perfect fusion of traditional classic.

Shiny gold case haunting loose green dial, gradually turned into emerald tones, gradient color design glow fresh ideas, lined with sun radial engraving, and modern elegance coincide, showing hidden in the brand innovation and classic design deep The color and shine of the mystery.

Watch with 40 mm polished polished 18K gold case, not only with the suction eye dial, also equipped with the same style rust green crocodile leather strap. Loose green dial, with gold to create a simple line of time and slender Barton pointer.

The date display function is set at 3 o’clock position on the dial.
With the same 18K gold crown, engraved with the Piaget LOGO letter “P”, unique and simple brand logo given the crown of an Piaget-style charm.

Watch with a green crocodile leather strap, after a special treatment, the strap is full and attractive, wearing soft and comfortable texture.

Use 18K gold pin buckle, to protect the cheap replica watches in the wrist safe, not easy to fall off, very reliable.

Equipped with count 1203P ultra-thin self-winding movement, thick only 3 mm, vibration frequency 21,600 times per hour, 25 gems, equipped with blue steel screws, the main splint and table bridge were polished rounded and chamfering, The gold sign has a “P” letter mark representing the count, which provides a 44 hour power reserve.

Summary: the gradual change of green dial and the full texture of the green crocodile leather strap perfect blend, to show the new commemorative timepieces to bring the aesthetic effects of the wearer, simple contains low-key luxury, is the contemporary respected “light luxury” The perfect embodiment of the concept.

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Mido ladders cheap replica watches

In 2016, Mido in addition to the commemorative significance of the 40th anniversary of the collection of Beilun Sai Li series of ultra-thin fake watches this masterpiece, in fact, also re-designed the pilot series – a series of popular sports watch, The pilot series was launched in the 1970s, and it has attracted much attention at all times with excellent waterproof performance. 2017, Mido to orange as a bright spot, in the pilot series add an orange rubber strap watch section, full of vitality, fashion dynamic.

Orange for the summer, it is very suitable for matching colors, and for the watch, it not only highlights the table refused to old-fashioned, emphasizing the decorative language of fashion, but also highlights the watch’s young and dynamic. At the same time, orange for the US degree pilot series of cheap replica watches, it may also have a deeper meaning, in the underwater world, dark light will make the line of sight blocked, and orange can provide a higher recognition. Of course, orange is also Mido replica and the brand’s iconic color.
The new range of Titan pilot series of titanium long kinetic energy waterproof watch, case made of titanium alloy material, and after careful drawing treatment, to provide fine touch. Titanium alloy compared to traditional stainless steel with more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, lighter texture characteristics, while titanium alloy will not be sensitized, it is very suitable for sports watch, capable of changing the wearing environment. Even in the summer, there is no need to fear the erosion of sweat.

Professional design, giving the watch a reliable and durable solid quality. Watch with screw-in crown, in order to ensure that the crown of the fragile parts of the safety, together with the design of the crown shoulder. In the crown tightening state, can provide 200 meters depth of water protection. Such a waterproof depth, has reached the extent of the dive can be, and the watch is indeed a safety considerations for the diving, equipped with one-way rotating bezel, bezel 12 o’clock position with dots.

Scrub the grain of the dark dial, and three-dimensional square scale in sharp contrast, the scale filled with luminous material, which can shine in the dark environment, easy to read. And in the daytime, scale and dial hit the color, to enhance the time easy to read.

Orange rubber strap blessing to enhance the wearability of the replica watches. Rubber light, soft, not afraid of water characteristics, is simply the ideal watch sports watch strap, easy to wear, easy to breathe inside the lines. However, because each person’s wrist is different, straps need to intercept, once the cut, can not be restored, so only for their own wear.
Rubber strap with a folding buckle, buckle with a device can be extended, just press the two buttons at the end of the clasp, you can extend the clasp, so easy to dive wear in the diving suit.

In addition to the design of many features, the watch equipped with a Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, providing 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, and automatic winding to ensure that the watch can maintain sufficient power. Metal back cover surface design has a starfish star, which is a sign of the pilot series, has been used for decades, representing excellent water resistance, like the Ocean Star, of course, after wearing and will not diaphragm.

In addition, we have a professional instrument on the test, the test has been pre-chord, the 6-position test, each position to stay 20 seconds, after the test we get the above data. From the data you can see, it takes a little more fast, but it is also the trend of most new design. The other is that there is a certain difference between the various positions. From the overall data, these error values ​​are within the normal range.

Summary: This is a vibrant watch, which is a colorful watch, which is a very practical with the watch, the Swiss beauty table leader series of titanium long kinetic energy waterproof watch from Professional application point of view, to provide convenient, reliable, with a cost-effective choice. Watch the domestic price of RMB 7800, stunning design, wonderful “orange”, burning summer energy.

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Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe “Deep Sea Black” watch black replica watches

Since ancient times, there have been many legends about the ocean, and people’s curiosity about the deep sea has never stopped. Omega from the ocean adventure legend inspired by the pioneer of marine pioneer pioneering spirit of pioneering spirit, launched a new Omega Seamaster replica series of marine universe “deep sea black” watch black watch. Official model:

As early as decades before entering the space adventure, Omega replica began to explore the endless deep sea. At that time, Omega in the ocean exploration process plays a pivotal role, Omega watch design ideas from the endless deep sea. Carries the infinite love of the ocean, Omega and the ocean forged a bond.

The new Omega hippocampus series ocean universe “deep sea black” watch diameter 45.5mm, case made of ceramic monolithic, can withstand the sea 600 meters / 2000 feet deep pressure.

The black ceramic dial uses a new Arabic numerals time stamp and has a date display window at 3 o’clock.
Omega hippocampus series of marine universe “deep sea black” watch in the function is equipped with GMT two functions, no matter where you are in the world, GMT both time for your precise timing.

Unidirectional rotation of the ceramic bezel edge engraved pit pattern, to ensure that as a most professional diving watch function, to facilitate the divers underwater grip. The diving scale on the bezel is built using Liquidmetal® technology.

Watch the 10 o’clock position with a row of helium valve, the case can be backlog of helium quickly discharged outside the shell, to avoid high pressure pop-up mirror and bottom cover to ensure the safety of the case.
The screw-in ceramic crown is located at 3 o’clock and provides a tight waterproof guarantee with the top engraved “OMEGA” logo.

Lug and the case of one piece of molding, the use of side drawing, positive polishing two polished process retouch, delicate and texture both.

Watch with a black rubber strap, and covered with antibacterial coating. Straps are different from the design of the contrast suture, intended to create a texture of the fabric.
Ceramic titanium metal folding buckle, the outside engraved brand logo.
Pointer and hour scale covered with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, in the dark environment will be issued pleasing blue, minute and diving bezel on the dot will emit green light, diving people can always view the diving time.

Hippocampus series ocean universe “deep sea black” replica watches also uses the Omega another first technology – directional screw-in table back, using Omega’s new patented ceramic “Naiad lock”, so engraved words remain in the correct position. Through the transparent table back, the internal Omega 8906 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement, the movement is clearly visible, can provide 60 hours of power reserve.

Summary: The new Omega Seamaster series of marine universe “deep sea of ​​black” watch, wrote the Omega brilliant ocean exploration legend. Its modern and stylish design appearance, very creative style, equipped to Zhen astronomical movement to the industry’s leading degree of precision to effectively protect the diving professionals on the high demand for professional cheap replica watches. “Deep sea of ​​black” series of a total of 4 watches, at present, this section of the official domestic market price of 84,000 RMB watch.

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