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A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Moon Phase New Replica Watches

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 moon phase New Replica Watches came out as early as 2002, and after the full evolution of Lange 1 Series in 2015, this month’s replica watch naturally ushered in an important update. Although the new Lange 1 has little change from an aesthetic point of view, its movement is undoubtedly full of new ideas. On the branch of Lange 1 moon phase, Lange not only adopts the same update strategy, but also adds the day and night display function. ThA. Lange & Söhne replica watch factory in grasuti keeps pursuing perfection, so Lange 1 moon phase can keep pace with the times while inheriting the classic aesthetics.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Moon Phase New Replica Watches

Lange 1 replica watch, which was born when the brand revived in 1994, can be said to be one of Lange’s most recognizable representative series. As I mentioned earlier, the l901.0 movement carried in the previous watch was replaced by the l121.1 movement in 2015. The latter not only provides a date window for instantaneous jump replacement at midnight, but also sets the second hand to zero when the clockwork energy is exhausted. Today, this Lange 1 moon phase takes another level on the basis of l121.1 and adds an ingenious day and night display mechanism.

In the lunar phase window, there is a “sky disk” under the golden moon, with a rotation cycle of 24 hours. In the process of rotation, the hue of the disk will change: the day is a bright hue, and there are no stars; At night, it is deep, and the laser engraved stars appear. I personally look forward to seeing the effect of the real object, and we can also see similar designs from works such as Lange 1 Tourbillon perpetual calendar.

A. The case width of A. Lange & Söhne replica Lange 1 moon phase remains 38.5 mm and the thickness is 10.2 mm. The platinum and rose versions sell for $150 and the platinum version for € 52000. The new Lange 1 moon phase will launch these three versions in total.

In this work, l121.3 manual winding movement replaces the previous l901.5 model. It has 438 parts, 70 more than the Lange 1 movement, but both also achieve 72 hours of power storage. Although A. Lange & s ö HNE used these 70 parts to build the lunar phase function, it did not affect the size of the movement much. L121.3 is as wide (30.6 mm) as the Lange 1 movement, while the thickness is only increased by 0.6 mm (the thickness of Lange 1 replica movement is 5.7 mm). In addition to the moon phase, day and night, hour, minute and date indication, the new work also provides a power storage display at 3:00.