Swiss Omega Replica Watches Are Popular For Women

Award-winning actress and friend of Swiss Omega Replica Nicole Kidman attended the 2018 Academy Awards wearing an OMEGA Jewellery Wristwatch from 1953. An OMEGA ambassador since 2005, the talented actress and producer dazzled on the red carpet, as is her wont.

Popular Chinese actress and dancer Liu Shi Shi graced the Omega Constellation Ladies’ fake Watch Event in Beijing, China, with her presence. Liu, known as one of the New Four Dan Actresses, chose to wear accessories from Harry Winston to accentuate her little black dress. Her selections included a Straight Line Diamond Necklace, 22.21 carats, set in platinum; a pair of Winston Cluster Line Diamond Earrings, 13.05 carats, set in platinum; and a Sparkling Cluster Diamond Fashion Ring, 2.33 carats, Omega Fake For Ladies set in platinum.

Award-winning actress Liu Shishi joined OMEGA in Beijing at an event that took place at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. The gala dinner party served as both an official welcome for Liu Shishi, and a celebration of Luxury Replica Watches new Limited Edition 27 mm Constellation collection. Best known in her native China as Ruoxi in “Scarlet Heart”, Liu Shishi has starred in numerous movies and television series.

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