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Blancpain, the leading watchmaking brand in the Swiss Jura Valley Blancpain’s masters of art are well versed in the pervading philosophies of the landscape and continue to create a timepiece of superb craftsmanship and originality that will keep those who embrace this winter daydreaming On the infinite mood, find the most exciting festival time. Men’s Classic Series Model: 6622L-3631-55B, Women’s Women Series Model: 2360-2991A-55

For pious Christians, Christmas is a holiday commemorating the birth of the Lord Jesus. People look mass, sing songs and hope the gospel goes far. For innocent children, it is an annual vision of Santa riding a sleigh, midnight quietly Climb the chimney to send a happy moment of gift; and for us far away in the east, Christmas is more like a wonderful winter reverie – moonlight snowman smiles, the fireplace in the joy of flames, issued a quiet golden bells, footsteps Asymptotic red nose reindeer, all the things that evoke the sense of happiness gathered one by one.

Men’s watch diameter of 42mm, set off men mature and stable temperament. Exquisite ladies watch diameter is 34mm, emitting elegant and clever light.
Double bezel embellished slightly arched arch large flame enamel dial, blue steel snake pointer dial outer ring date, skeleton willow-shaped, the minute hand is elegantly swept the dial on the Roman numeral scale.

The moon phase display was another complicated feature that had been buried until it was reborn by Blancpain after being re-interpreted by Blancpain in the early 1980s. Under the “quartz storm” of the time, Blancpain’s move redeemed the world’s attention Mechanical watchmaking, leading the revival of mechanical watchmaking. The Blancpain also this far-reaching significance for the watch industry, internalization of their own creative motivation to develop the world’s top best swiss replica watches industry’s most complete moon phase family.
Caruso window with a white dial at 12 o’clock, the perfect presentation of Caruso frame stage and its complex mechanical structure. As with the tourbillon, Caruso’s invention also aimed to reduce the effect of gravity on the movement of the movement, but the structure of the two is different. The tourbillon is linked to the mainspring via a drive train, while Caruso has two drivetrains: one to power the escapement and the other to control the speed of the frame stage.

Watch crown used for the 18K red gold material to create, and in the crown engraved Blancpain replica watches sale classic LOGO.

Men and women models watch case thickness of 12.74 mm, 11.40 mm. In the meantime, Blancpain also installed two hidden vernier adjusters placed under the lugs on the back of a 42 mm diameter case. The brand’s patented setting not only allows the wearer to put aside the adjustment tool, easy to adjust the date and moon phase display, but also to make the case side lines smooth, clean and beautiful.

With chocolate color alligator strap, for its elegant aesthetic charm, painted the perfect finishing touch.
With a 18K red gold folding clasp, safe and reliable, simple and meticulous. Clasp engraved outside the brand name in English.

Through the back of the sapphire crystal, can be decorated with Geneva ripple movement intact picture, hollow pattern Tuo Tuo and Caruso frame stage design counterparts, but also reflects Blancpain meticulous attention to detail. Internal equipped with 225L movement, stable performance, a total of 281 parts, of which 61 parts are designed for Caruso frame stage and set up. In addition, the movement is also equipped with a silicon balance wheel, with up to five days of power reserve.
Christmas hymn sent winter greetings, wrist record ticking time. At the dawn of Christmas, the Blancpain Blancpain, a luxury watchmaking brand in the Swiss Jura Valley, offers a selection of classic and women’s collections, featuring an elegant blend of contemporary design and a delightful time of joy.

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