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Breitling Replica Sold to CVC Capital Partners


CVC Capital Partners (“CVC”) today announced that CVC Fund VI has agreed to acquire an 80% stake in Breitling SA (“Breitling”), a leading independent, family-owned manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches and an internationally renowned premium brand. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
As part of the transaction, Théodore Schneider will re-invest for a 20% shareholding in Breitling Replica.

Founded in 1884, Breitling specialises in the development and manufacture of high-performance watches. The company looks back on a heritage of seminal innovations that have played a decisive role in the development of wrist chronographs. Breitling employs approximately 900 people and is headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Grenchen and one in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Breitling replica watches are sold worldwide in exclusive boutiques and via selected retailers.
“I am convinced CVC is the right partner to elevate Breitling to the next level,” said Théodore Schneider, majority owner of Breitling SA. “CVC’s expertise, track-record and international network will help unlock Breitling’s full potential.”
Alexander Dibelius, Managing Partner and Head of Germany at CVC, commented: “Breitling has a proud heritage, high brand awareness, and enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the finest watchmakers in the world. We very much look forward to working with Théodore Schneider as we embark on Breitling’s next chapter of growth.”
“Using our network and expertise, CVC will work to make this global, iconic brand even more renowned and help shape the future of one of Switzerland’s last independent replica watches manufacturers,” added Daniel Pindur, Senior Managing Director at CVC. “Specifically, we see significant growth potential for Breitling in both existing and new geographies by driving the digitization of the marketing and distribution channels in the company, helping to enrich the product and customer experience.”
Closing of the transaction is subject to approval by the relevant competition authorities and is expected for June 2017.

Rolex Replica

Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual Yacht Masters 40 watch

Colorful sugar beans believe that we have seen also eaten, but you have seen the “sugar beans” inlaid on the watch? 2017 Rolex Replica launched the new yacht mentor 40 to do, this is Rolex’s classic navigation table for the first time inlaid with precious stones, so creative approach in the Basel Watch Fair caused no small sensation. Rolex replica watches have always been the design style is “stable, practical, no significant flashy”, this subversion of the traditional “sugar bean” yacht Mingshi is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in Rolex design, then it in the end what is the special place? Here we take a look at this lovely “sugar bean” highlights where exactly. (Watch model: 116695SATS)

Gem inlaid bezel like rainbow gorgeous
Colorful dial
Look at the latest watch this year, Rolex, the color of a strong sense of “little candy beans” is so I can not move my eyes, the case of outer ring pavé colored gemstones and green grenades sparkling, 12 o’clock position Also inlaid with a white triangle cut diamonds. To know that Rolex with the drilling and gems are the highest level, the selection of the time to go through a rigorous standard, which by different colors and the law of the gems of the colored bezel dazzling, as the rainbow in general, with bright Black dial, very beautiful. At the same time, the two-way rotating scale of the outer ring, reflects the Rolex since the last century since the fifties and maritime business forged a bond.

Waterproof symbol – Oyster case

18ct Eternal Rose Gold Oyster Case
The Rolex Oyster Case, invented in 1926, is an important milestone in the history of watchmaking. It is a perfect, elegant, At least 100 meters. The middle case is made of solid 18ct eternal rose gold casting, with the Rolex patent lasting to keep the color bright, oyster standard triangular pit bottom cover tightly screwed into the middle case, the case is fully sealed.

On the crown
From the top ten components of the chain crown is Rolex’s first waterproof crown, the table on the chain crown with three buckle lock triple waterproof system, firmly rotating in the case, waterproof performance can be directly comparable to the submarine’s door. Moreover, the crown is also protected by the crown shoulder, and the middle of the case into a crown shoulder pads for the waterproof and added a layer of protection, which is a perfect interpretation of the attitude of the elite scholars.

Sapphire watch and small window convex lens
The mirror is made of anti-scratch blue crystal, 3 o’clock position to add the same blue crystal made of small window convex lens, with dual anti-reflective coating Small window convex lens can not only ensure that the date of reading clear, but also Rolex’s distinctive logo, even if the distance is also very easy to identify.

Special “sugar bean”
This “sugar bean” yacht table is equipped with a 3135-type self-winding mechanical movement. Rolex as a pioneer in the development of replica watches, all of its important parts by the brand itself to develop. The movement is no exception, its precise structure to ensure accurate and reliable watch time. The hairspring balance wheel is the “heart” of the watch, which is equipped with a patented blue Parachrom gossamer, which is not affected by the magnetic field, remains stable at the temperature, and is more resistant than the traditional gossamer ten times. Its optimized Rolex end of the hairspring curve, in any position will help to enhance the swing of the isochronous.

Black rubber strap
This watch is 40 different from other rubber strap, it is equipped with Rolex R & D and patented Oysterflex strap, the subtlety lies in the outer layer is a high-performance black rubber injection coating , And inside is super-elastic metal sheet, durable, to maintain the shape of the strap, and rubber strap can also wear to the wearer to feel comfortable. Strap is equipped with 18ct eternal rose gold oyster insurance buckle, can prevent the buckle accidentally open, so sophisticated design operation is very simple, the most important thing is safe and reliable.

Overall display
Summary: Rolex always adhere to any environment regardless of any field are testing the technical performance of the luxury replica watches laboratory, as all the Rolex watch, this precision watch also passed the Rolex field test laboratory a series of tests, won the Rolex 2015 top-level Observatory certification. But the emergence of new things will always be controversial, questioning sound constantly, some people think that this “sugar bean” design contrary to the traditional, has lost the Rolex brand characteristics, and I think, Rolex in the continuous development of the total to take Its essence to its dregs, in the tradition of trying to innovate, “sugar bean” in ensuring that Rolex has been highly accurate and durable in the case of the shape can also be changed, can be considered a “legend” , I believe that things that stand the test of time is always good.