Tissot replica of silicon gossamer men fake watches

Tissot in the country enjoy a high reputation in recent years, innovation footsteps, in the continuous promotion of cross-cutting cooperation, but also to seek their own technology to enhance, 2017, Tissot replica launched Baohuan series of watches, new design, classic shape , A very technical content of the movement, as well as a reasonable price, so that this table to become a simple section of Tissot.

We know that Tissot has a few very famous classic series luxury replica watches, which we are most familiar with is undoubtedly the force Locke, followed by the past two years by Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei endorsement of Du Ruer, these two series are to Tissot location Named, represents the tabulation tradition, and this year’s new series of precious stones, although not to the name of the earth, but also known as the classic tabulation, and there is no more.

First of all, we look at the appearance of this table, the appearance of the consumer is very important, it determines whether the consumer will be in the vast public table in a fancy it. Obviously, if you want to buy a fashion element, there are personality of the classic watch, then the ring ring series can really make you look at each other, because it uses a Paris beige ornaments, which in the classic series of Tissot alone, very Easy to identify.
In addition, the case made of stainless steel, bezel, crown, pointer, scale, bracelet, etc. have to do the gold-plated process, between the gold color, so watch looks different, more luxury and fashion, but also highlights the classic Watch should have the exquisite and taste.

Ears with a natural arc design, to meet the bracelet worn with the wrist above the curvature. The front of the ear made a polished, the side is mercerized polished, a different process to watch the texture to a higher level. Polished side will show the texture of the Tissot, mercerized polished side, then wear, wear the cuffs and the side of the cheap replica watches when the contact will be very frequent, is conducive to reducing the wear rate.

Dial is the focus of the watch, Du Fei pointer after polishing, even more refined, the scale are three-dimensional metal standard, fully demonstrated the sense of layer and disk space three-dimensional effect. Dial the central Paris nail pattern decoration, echo the bezel shape design. 6 o’clock position marked with English word standard, POWERMATIC 80 refers to the watch is the use of 80 movement, CHRONOMETER refers to the watch by the Swiss official Observatory certification, from the two word standard, can reflect the watch included Of the high technical content, then we say.

Watch diameter 39 * 41 mm, thickness of 9.84 mm, the overall diameter and thickness ratio, in the 4: 1 or so, is a very moderate classic design ratio, the visual has a good sense of balance. From the side we can see that the replica watches is not thick, and therefore easier to wear.
And then look at the back and movement, through the sapphire transparent bottom cover, we can see the internal carrying POWERMATIC 80 automatic winding movement, the surface made of radial-shaped wave pattern decoration, the decoration is currently only used in Tissot high-end machine Core products. This movement is equipped with no card balance wheel spring system, double weight fine balance wheel, since 2016, Tissot for this movement to upgrade the hairspring, the use of anti-temperature, anti-magnetic properties of the more excellent silicon material gossamer, great To enhance the overall performance of the movement. Obviously, it represents the highest level of Tissot basic movement, and even in the configuration and technology content, even higher than the million level base table.

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