Rolex Sky-Dwelle platinum replica watches

In 2012, Rolex’s most complex series Sky-Dweller Skywalker released, carrying the brand’s most complex movement and with the brand’s powerful influence of it, with a number of outstanding patented technology and heritage brand traditional triangular pit beige ornaments and other characteristics , Once launched, it has been the attention of all the watch enthusiasts, became one of the hot watch at that time. In 2017, Rolex replica at the Basel Jewelery & Watch Fair for this series with a classic aesthetic features add a new work, that is, Rolex Sky-Dwelle platinum watch, bringing together the brand 11 patents, are involved in reliable precision, ergonomics and Waterproof performance and other basic areas, to fully demonstrate the excellent Rolex replica watches technology. Here to look together. (Watch model: 326934)

Rolex Sky-Dwelle platinum watch
Now, with the watch enthusiasts on the clock function and style requirements of the continuous improvement, highlighting the importance of mechanical timepieces simple and delicate. The new Rolex Sky-Dweller series of spirit is like this, specifically designed for the global traveler, whether it is display function, movement or daily use, are showing a unique charm. Not only has a unique appearance, but also superb technology and simple operation of the perfect combination, embodies the Sky-Dweller’s simple and sophisticated.

18ct White Gold Triangle Hanging Bezel
The new watch with 42 mm platinum / steel case to 904L stainless steel and 18ct platinum combination, the stainless steel material and platinum luxury and luxurious high-quality combination of the perfect combination, and drawing and polishing were treated, showing a perfect Sensual enjoyment, very beautiful. Heritage brand characteristics Ring Command triangular pit pattern two-way rotating outer ring, for the wrist on the inch between the classic connotation and charm. Crown has a screw-in double-lock double waterproof system to protect the watch excellent waterproof performance, to show the cheap Rolex replica brand stability rock-like reliability.
Clear and easy to read

Double time zone display blue dial
The sun’s radiation pattern dial is covered with long-lasting blue light material, showing excellent gradient blue visual enjoyment. Hollow pointer and replica watches the time scale are covered with easy to read Chromalight luminous display, even in the dark environment can clearly show the moment time, very convenient. Date display window is located in the watch when the 3 standard position, with the brand’s anti-reflective convex through the mirror, so that the date display more clear and intuitive, showing the unique charm of the watch. Calendar function, through the Rolex replica patent Saro (Saros) calendar system automatically distinguish between 30 days Satsuki and 31 days of the month, only through the bezel can linkage operation, simple and quick.

Unique rotary offshaft plate
The local time is indicated by the central needle, while the home is presented with a rotary off-axis plate to indicate the red inverted triangle mark. Unique 24-hour display disc design, to facilitate the distinction between the day when the day and night, not because of the same time and confused. In addition, the singular point-like time scale, double number of Arabic numerals design not only intuitive separation of the time between the standard spacing, but also makes the disk layout more beautiful, very user-friendly.

Platinum / steel gold bracelet
Equipped with oyster 18ct white gold / steel gold bracelet, as the case of gold style, giving the whole look into the watch full of feeling. In addition, the classic Oyster bracelet classic brand watches outstanding performance, as always, solid and reliable, can be a good protection replica watches wrist safety. Rolex patented buckle, with 5 mm easy to adjust the chain extension system, making the watch can be more fit the wrist, ergonomic characteristics, is very convenient.

Rolex Sky-Dwelle platinum watch
Summary: The combination of stainless steel and platinum, and blue gradient dial against each other, making the classic Sky-Dweller series once again glow. Into the excellent dual time zone and calendar function, for the cheap replica watches to add connotation charm, heritage brand classic triangular pit bezel and oyster waterproof shell, showing the reliability as always. Like this watch the table friends, may wish to consider.