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Lange, a mechanical watchmaking field pyramid top of the brand, is also a senior German watch model, each time that Lange, my mind will always emerge some very German things, such as the city of Dresden , Such as Germany’s top precision manufacturing industry, such as the German classical music, etc., these and Lange may not have a direct relationship, but it is clear that Lange has become a part of the German impression. This year’s Lange, there is a table so I always hard to forget, although the vast majority of people do not touch, including myself almost impossible to have, but it is indeed a worthy watch. This is Lange this year’s new ZEITWERK self-styled watch, model 143.050.

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Lange each series are distinctive, and I think the most special has three series: Lange 1, Pour le Merite and ZEITWERK. Which is undoubtedly the latter two are Lange’s high-end products, ZEITWERK is the only one with a number of ringing watch series, but also Lange in addition to Lange 1 outside the most recognizable and iconic watch, after the launch in 2009 , ZEITWERK quickly became a high-end players dream watches, high prices, unique jump word time, superb mechanical technology, this alone Lange one.

18K honey color gold

Lange Zeitwerk series 2017 new watch
In the special material used very frequently today, how to material breakthrough, has always been a lot of senior watch brand problems, Lange replica has been respected tradition, so Lange did not ceramic, carbon fiber, composite materials and other high-tech materials into Tabulation framework, but the traditional platinum, gold, rose gold, platinum has long been commonplace, especially Lange all watches are used under the premise of precious metals, these materials have been difficult to make some special watches in the appearance of direct distinction Come. As early as 2010, Lange to celebrate the brand founded the 165th anniversary, has launched three by the original honey color gold to create a complex function watch, this time, 18K honey color gold was known, as Lange special watch exclusive Material, only a handful of Lange watches, will use this Lange patented precious metals.

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18k honey color gold case

Polished bezel drawing middle case
Lange 18K honey color gold is also based on 75% of the gold, by changing the remaining 25% of the alloy composition, the use of manganese, zinc two materials, so that Lange’s gold is like a honey-like warm tone. In the right alloy ratio, Lange 18K honey color gold not only has a higher hardness than platinum, while wear-resistant, easy to polish. Of course, just because of this alloy, not enough to make high-end players ho throw heavily, it naturally there are other “killer”.
“Tremblage” hand carved

“Tremblage” hand carved “time bridge”
Advanced mechanical watch the tradition, often because a lot of hand-refined elements, and become more attractive. In addition to the traditional manual refinement of the movement, Lange created a new manual carving process, this process called “tremblage”, only a few Lange watch, has applied this process, because of this The craftsmanship requires the engraver to be handmade, so it takes a long time and less finished product.

“Tremblage” hand-carved hammer and hammer plywood

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“Tremblage” process used in the past, a special series of Lange, the process requires manual carvings with a dedicated carving knife, detailed advance, so that each part of the uniform carved sandblasted grain effect. In fact, the simple effect of making grain is not difficult, but the whole piece of plywood, or extremely small parts of the surface, to produce a uniform effect of the grain effect is not easy. This process, emphasizing the high-level watch in the hands of the beauty of handicrafts.

Iconic jumping and disk design
The overall disk
Zeitwerk has always been the “owl” love, because it is the layout of the disk, get off like an owl, very cute. This is the only one of Lange’s jump time display of the watch series, but also the whole table altar, a very small number of production time is still jumping time watch, watch the disk by the following parts: 6 o’clock position of the small seconds, 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock jump word digital window, 12 o’clock power reserve instructions, dial center “time bridge”, and a set of sound device. Disk design follows the principle of central symmetry, very balanced.

Balanced layout
Interestingly, this is Lange very innovative time display, in order to achieve a harmonious and accurate time instructions, two time display window for the instantaneous jump digital disk, when the small seconds across the 60 seconds of the moment, the disk will be Will immediately respond. Because of this, we can very accurately read every time.

Complex movement everywhere exquisite

Complex manual winding movement
In addition to Zeitwerk itself iconic jump word function, this year’s new this piece of self-styled watch, a change in the past carved, clock point, the use of a very system structure, every ten minutes and every point, will sound , Prompt time. And all this depends on Lange specifically developed manual winding L043.7 movement, in order to achieve complex functions, the number of movement parts reached 528, almost an ordinary three-pin watch movement three times.

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Core jump word structure and barrel
On the side of the movement, we can clearly see a complex key module, located at the edge of the barrel, the structure with a clutch function, when the seconds through a circle (that is, 60 seconds), it will trigger The structure, the instantaneous completion of two important processes, one is to push the runner forward beating a grid, one is the clockwork box instantly to the component of the independent winding to add energy. These two actions are done very quickly, so that the naked eye is difficult to instantly distinguish, but in fact the internal meticulous coordination, has completed at least four groups of actions, of course, each action is almost simultaneously, but also completed, its subtle , Incredible.

Escapement speed mechanism and manual carved splint
In addition, the movement also installed a number of security guards to avoid some adverse factors caused by non-human factors. When all this is done, Lange also need to carry out detailed manual decoration, grinding and adjustment. Therefore, only the value of such a movement, it has reached a lot of senior watch the value of the whole table.

Brown crocodile leather strap

Watch with a brown alligator strap, equipped with a pin buckle, gentleman.
Summary: Obviously, this is Lange this year, a heavyweight works, limited to 100, regardless of the technical, technical and brand value, watch value, design specificity, etc., it is an excellent watch, of course , Such a watch, the price will be a lot of people shut out, RMB 906000 domestic quotes, far more than the same category of the general complex brand table.

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