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Omega Speedmaster replica of moon phase evaluation

The day-to-day error is between +0 and +5 seconds, and even if exposed to the 15,000 Gaussian magnetic field, it is possible to maintain a high accuracy of normal operation, which is the ultra-practical experience brought by the Omega to the Observatory. From the first of the Omega to the dawn of the Observatory watch the beginning of the watch, to Zhen astronomical movement has begun to promote the major series of Omega. Today, to Zhen astronomical movement also entered the most legendary series of Omega series.

Super as the watch industry’s most outstanding chronograph swiss replica watches one, accompanied by astronauts 4 times on the moon’s legendary experience, let itself become high-quality and precision endorsement. And in the possession of the Astronomical Observatory after the certification, so that this super-moon phase to Zhen astronomical table more impeccable.

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Omega 9904 self-winding chronograph movement consists of 368 parts. Equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device and coaxial escapement. Movement and watch through the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) approved “to Zhen astronomical table table” certification procedures for testing. Can withstand up to 15,000 Gaussian strong magnetic field interference.

Equipped with a silicon gossamer without card count hairspring balance wheel, two series of barrel, two-way automatic winding system. Center hour hand, minute hand and chronograph second hand, small second hand, calendar pointer, 12 hour timer dial and 60 minutes chronograph small dial, moon phase display. The rhodium-plated plywood is decorated with a Polish-style Geneva ripple.

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After obtaining this super-series phase to the astronomical table (model: 304., we also carried out a 6-position accuracy test, the error is very small, fully meet the date The error is between +0 and +5. And its six-position swing values ​​are relatively high, which should also be the reason for its precise travel time. Omega 9904 movement equipped with two barrel, but the power reserve is limited to 60 hours, to increase its power supply, increase the swing value to ensure its accuracy.

Dark blue dial with solar rays polished, with rhodium-plated hour scale. And 3 o’clock position unique time minutes, clocked small dial corresponding to its 9 o’clock small seconds, and date display small dial. Unique double needle layout, but when reading is still clear.

Hour scale and the middle of the three indicators are attached to the luminous coating, to ensure that the time in the dark to read.

The moon phase shows the use of microstructured metal crystal discs, the pattern is selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shot the moon photos, the details of the surface of the moon portrayed lifelike, to reproduce the real scene of the moon surface. Under scrutiny, you can even see astronauts leave a footprint on the moon. Unlike the normal moon phase display, this moon phase display with a high-precision mechanical device, running 10 years to be adjusted once.

Omega replica watches

There are 8 different materials matching color watch, we get the hand is the steel material blue watch, 44.25 mm case diameter, dial, bezel and strap are made of dark blue very beautiful.

Crown operation feel comfortable, time, date display and moon phase can be rotated through the crown debugging. Crown on the bottom of the timing button under pressure feel heavy.

As the mirror with a convex mirror, an increase of the side of the watch thickness, worn in the wrist is very texture.

Made of Omega’s original Liquidmetal® technology, the blue ceramic bezel with speed scale is rugged.

Blue crocodile leather strap, white pressure line with stainless steel folding clasp, easy to wear.

Summary: equipped with cheap Omega replica 9904 self-winding chronograph movement is definitely the timing of today’s watches for the benchmark. Not only practical, moon phase display also makes the watch more beautiful. At the same time, access to the astronomical station certification not only in the travel time accuracy has improved, its 15,000 Gaussian high magnetic security guarantee also let the watch in the daily use of peace of mind. This blue steel case of the super series to the astronomical table table price of 76,000 RMB. As a technology to reach the industry’s top level of the moon phase watch, the price is very high, worth buying.

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Omega glory released in 1957 three classic replica watches

1957, is full of opportunities for a year. The memory of the war is gradually being forgotten, the turbulent 60 years have not yet come Since the rise of rock and roll, high wages and low unemployment make people live without worry. The start of the space exploration contest between the big powers, watching TV programs has become a necessary activity for each family, even though the price of high-end home appliances so that most families can not afford, but everyone’s confidence in the future of science and technology are unprecedented high. Recently, a British university survey, 1957 is the 20th century, the most happy year of human beings. And this year, is also the famous Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) made brilliant achievements of the year. In 1957, Omega released three legendary watch, the brand reputation full.

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Omega 1957 three classic watch limited edition gift pack
Professional timepiece classic
In 1957, Omega released three professional timepieces, and all become eternal classic extraordinary.

Diving enthusiasts choose the deep sea: Omega Hippocampus 300 watch
Omega hippocampus 300 limited edition 39 mm to reach the astronomical table
Omega Hippocampus 300 CK2913 watch selection of extremely solid stainless steel case, equipped with Omega automatic winding movement, with excellent waterproof performance. Tested, this classic timepiece of the water depth of up to 660 feet, far more than ordinary divers can dive depth. The hour meter is equipped with an external rotating bezel, easy to dive precision time, to protect its underwater safety. Omega also revolutionized the design of triple protection measures, including the original “Naiad” crown. Unlike other waterproof watch lock technology, Omega’s crown system is simple and effective. As the diver deepened the depth of the dive, the “Naiad” was tightened. In other words, the higher the external water pressure, the crown of the lock more firmly. This innovative tabulation process makes the Omega Hippocampus 300 watch to win the praise of many diving enthusiasts.

Technical staff of the professional choice: Omega Iron Pa watch
In the early 1950s, the aviation and rail transport industries developed rapidly and the magnetic field was more powerful. At the same time, the British Ministry of Defense began to look for a qualified task of the watch. Omega in the late 1940s has released a series of anti-magnetic movement. The movement of the use of innovative alloy material, and placed in the “Faraday cage” for the design of the case, and equipped with a new metal material made of solid dial, for the movement to block the magnetic field interference. Due to the solid structure of the watch and the extraordinary anti-magnetic properties, Omega in 1953 to become the British Defense Department of the partners, to provide excellent anti-magnetic performance of the pilot watch. In the same year, Omega for the magnetic field caused by the professional workers designed a magnetic watch, and named “iron tyrants.” Through a one-year collaboration with the Canadian Railways, Omega will send every piece of magnetic watch to the Canadian Railway Bureau for testing and research. In 1957, Omega officially launched in the market Iron Pa CK2914 watch.

The timing of the racing driver: Omega Super watch
At that time, Omega’s design team to get a task to build a solid structure, accurate and reliable, easy to read timing and easy operation of the waterproof cheap replica watches. They successfully completed the task, to create a super CK2915 watch, and become explorers and later astronauts of choice. This watch has come out, it changed the history of chronograph watch. The first watch for the car and not only become the first watch on the moon, but also the world’s first speed scale from the dial to the watch on the watch, and thus become a very recognizable timing One of the watch. Because of its unique pointer design, the original Omega Speedmaster watch was “wide arrow” watch the title. Innovative design and precision performance, so that super watch has become an unprecedented classic timepieces.

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Inheriting the 1950s Style to Build the 21st Century New Classics
Omega has always pursued the balance of beauty. Omega has been actively exploring innovative tabulation process at the same time, is still committed to inheritance brand intrinsic essence, will continue to modern elements of the forefront into the classic design, to create an immortal classic.

Omega King 38.6mm limited edition watch
Although the watch manufacturing industry nowadays new technology and materials after another, but the classic design can always enduring. Omega convinced that in 1957 three Omega professional watch design is still the same as the general lead fashion. 2017, in order to pay tribute to the three classic, Omega glory launched in 1957 three classic watch 60 anniversary limited edition. Omega through high-definition digital scanning technology to restore the details of these three classic watch, which can be achieved accurate re-engraved.


Omega King 38.6mm limited edition watch
Omega for the first time using a unique tomography imaging technology, access to the original watch of high precision images. Its working principle and medical use of X-ray principle similar. Take more than 3000 electronic images (at least 8 photos at each angle) by 360 ° full-angle scanning, and accurately restore each Omega watch. Each time a scan is completed, the software will reassemble the fragmented scanned images to produce the 3D virtual model of the watch. Through the 3D model, you can view the internal and external structure of the watch from all angles, and measure the detailed data of the watch. These images accurately show the original watch cross-section and detailed size, for the new watch provides a design template.
Perfect engraving heritage for
Three new watch case are polished and matte finish, and with the “tropical” dial and the surface covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating retro scale. Stainless steel bracelet after a new upgrade, more durable and more beautiful, clasped engraved with retro style Omega brand logo. The three new watch using three different retro brand logo, it is because in the 1950s watch the brand logo on the different.

Omega 1957 three classic watch limited edition
Each new watch limited edition of 3,557, and with special gift box glory bearing. Exquisite red gift box with lined lined, simple and noble. Gift box is equipped with leather strap and NATO NATO military strap one, with a unique strap replacement tool, the wearer can quickly and quickly make the watch presents another style.

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Omega hippocampus 300 limited edition 39 mm to reach the astronomical table
2017, the new Omega Hippocampus 300 limited edition 39 mm to reach the astronomical table, inherited the essence of CK2913 original watch, using black aluminum bezel, the crown retains the original Naïad logo. The logo in 1957 represents the watch with excellent water resistance. The hippocampus on the back of the table was carefully crafted in accordance with the 1957 edition. The new Omega Seamaster 300 watch equipped with Omega 8806 to Zhen astronomical movement.

Omega Teppel Limited Edition 38mm to reach the astronomical table
Omega Iron Pa watch design concept has never been shaken, simple and practical, the appearance of chic, suitable for work wear. In 2017, the new Omega Teppe limited edition 38 mm to reach the astronomical table table continued the original watch simple and generous design style, but its movement has been honored upgrade to Omega 8806 to Zhen astronomical movement, resistant to up to 15,000 gauss Strong magnetic field, so that this classic timepiece a new look.

Omega King 38.6mm limited edition watch
The original Omega Speedmaster watch is the world’s first watch to move the scale from the dial to the watch on the watch. This unique design is tailored specifically for racing drivers, making reading time more convenient. 2017, the new Omega Speed ​​38.6 mm limited edition watch to retain the 57 years of the original watch on the speed circle, its internal Omega 1861 movement, like a precise beating heart, to provide power for the watch.
Special suit noble presentation
In order to meet the table fans collection of three engraved 1957 classic watch the great enthusiasm, Omega glory launched in 1957 three classic replica watches limited edition suits.

All sets of gift boxes are planted in 1898 by the Swiss oak carefully built, this year, it is Omega to move the Swiss Bill’s year. Gift box box engraved with the 1957 version of the hippocampus pattern. Open the lid, exquisite lace lined with three new Omega replica three classic limited edition watch even more distinguished. Special gift box is also equipped with a dedicated leather watch collection package, which includes three leather strap and three NATO NATO military strap, and strap replacement tool.

Audemars Piguet Replica

Tasting Audemars Piguet replica oak chronograph watch

The advent of the replica watches to the present and more than 150 years of history, since its inception in 1875 since 1880 to 1890 produced 1,625 hours, there are 627 equipped with a timing function, which has 299 With chronograph function, 6 with lightning femtosecond function. In 1993, Audemars Piguet replica launched the ultimate sense of movement of the Royal Oak offshore watch, the vast majority of which are equipped with timing function.

And Audemars Piguet’s most iconic series, the Royal Oak Series launched in 1997, the first chronograph, chronograph movement thickness of only less than 5.5 mm, one of the most successful Waters watches. Since then, this best-selling timepiece has launched many versions. Today, the Royal Oak Series chronograph has become one of the core products of this series.

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This year’s Royal Oak Series chronograph launch 20 anniversary, after a new design of the Royal Oak Series chronograph (model: 26331ST.OO.1220ST.02) debut in the SIHH. 41mm case diameter, with “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial, dial subtle design sublimation, to show a new aesthetic, fresh and clear two-color dial design with new details, modern luxury replica replica sports temperament blowing.

Timing button is no longer used before the screw-in design, greatly improving the timing function of the operation convenience. Waterproof performance is still 50 meters before the waterproof.

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The integrated strap process is very complex, the length of the straps with a total of 138 need to manually polished the edges and corners, so that each link to achieve symmetrical ramp effect, as well as polished and frosted staggered visual beauty.

These costless and ingenious craftsmanship make every royal oak stainless steel watch showing a distinctive color.

As a result of the same movement, the thickness of the watch and the first launch of the chronograph in 1997 is not much difference. Royal oak series of different levels of all through the watchmaker hand polished, very time-consuming.

Black “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial, silver sub-dial, neatly arranged. 3 o’clock for the 30-minute chronograph, 9 o’clock is 12 hours chronograph, 6 little bit of small seconds. Date display is located between 4,5 o’clock, clear when reading.

The luminous display is clear and can be easily read in any environment.

Stainless steel bottom cover, fixed by eight white gold screws. Equipped with Caliber 2835 self-winding self-produced movement, this by the love of the self-made chronograph movement thickness of only 5.5 mm, composed of 304 components, power reserve more than 40 hours. Movement 18K rose gold pendulum Tuo decorated with Geneva, the main splint decorated with ring pattern, bridge plywood with manual chamfer polishing.

Summary: The new royal oak chronograph fake watches a total of 7 different materials, dial color models. Which steel material with black and white blue three color dial; rose gold material with brown blue dial, rose gold bracelet and leather strap two, precise timing and perfect combination of shape.

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Vacheron Constantin replica Tourbillon pink gold watches

As we all know, three asked the time, Tourbillon, calendar for the watch industry’s three complex functions, with any one of the timepieces are rare masterpiece. In the 2017 Geneva high clock salon (SIHH), Vacheron Constantin will own research and development and manufacture of 2755 TMR movement into the new timepieces, so that the three asked the time and Tourbillon two major complex functions of the complex integration of watches and clocks, Show the brand high level of technology. With unparalleled reliability, stunning four. Watch once launched, it attracted the attention of all the watch enthusiasts. This timepiece, is the watch home will be introduced for everyone’s Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle series of Tourbillon three asked the watch. (Watch model: 6500T / 000R-B324)
The integration of two complex processes
As one of the most outstanding inventions on the watch, the operation of the tourbillon can counteract the influence of gravity on the timepiece and enhance the precision of the watch. And three asked the newspaper, you can use a different wonderful tone, reported at this moment, carved, minutes. No matter what a complex function, are a serious challenge to the brand watchmaker. Vacheron Constantin not only successfully overcome the technical difficulties, but also these two complex functions gathered in the same movement among the past to the traditional handmade watch tricks to pay tribute.
Watch show
“Side” on the tablecloths of the Vacheron Constantin series of Tourbillon three asked the pink watch, just like a very deep connotation of the refined gentleman, every moment to show its noble posture and excellent talent, it is Distracted.
See the chapter
Low-key luxury red gold case
Different from the gold of the eye-catching, 44 mm 18K 5N pink case, after polishing polished to show the soft texture, low-key and luxury, to better show the excellent meaning of the watch. One side of the pink gold crown, to slip texture design, to facilitate the wearer’s watch operation. Crown engraved with Vacheron Constantin brand logo, showing the unique charm of the brand.
The other side of the crown is the red timekeeping device slider
The same polished polished 18K 5N pink gold when the slider feel superior, gently touched, they will hear the sound of the three asked the news time, do not have some fun.
Watch dial show
Watch with silver milky white dial decorated with Vacheron Constantin store sale watch limited edition of the exquisite hand carved carved carved patterns. This design to the brand’s unique creativity to show its origins in the 18th century traditional watchmaking skills – carved carving skills, giving the watch a unique beauty. And watch the dial for the small three-pin eccentric disc design, both to the overall timetable more stylish, but also for the bottom of the tourbillon “let” out of the stage.
Dancing tourbill show
Under the watch, the tourbillon below the dial to Vacheron Constantin iconic Maltese cross shape for the framework to the rhythm of the mechanical voice for the dance, like a dancer in the white dial dancing. At the same time, small seconds on the tourbillon above, in the cheerful rhythm with the dance, very wonderful.
Unique charm of the movement show
Through the transparent sapphire crystal table cover, you can enjoy the movement of the movement, do not have some fun. Watch equipped with a new Vacheron Constantin 2755 TMR manual movement, engraved with the Geneva mark, to ensure the accuracy of travel time. After the traditional black oxidation of the 58-hour power reserve pink gold pointer, located in the back of the table rather than the front of the dial, but also for the back cover of a lot of ornamental enhancement.
Gentle texture of the Mississippi crocodile skin show
Watch connected to a hand-sewn double-layer dark brown Mississippi crocodile belt, after the brand’s special treatment, the texture is very superior. Equipped with a 18K 5N pink gold folding buckle, can be a good protection watch wrist safe, very reliable. In addition, with a large pattern of dark brown strap makes the watch adds a mature and stable atmosphere, can perfectly show the wearer’s unique style.
Watch show
Summary: Tourbillon and three asked the time two complex watch function combination, showing Vacheron Constantin outstanding tabulation tradition and innovation ability. And then with a low-key and luxurious 18K 5N pink gold case, both from the shape or content, it is called Vacheron Constantin’s another masterpiece. The watch is only available at the Vacheron Constantin store and is equipped with a “time sound” resonator to enhance the effect of the three-tone device.