Cartier Drive de Cartier replica moon phase replica watches uk

Unique pillow case, light-colored dial clearly visible large Roman numerals, sword-shaped blue steel pointer, slim case thickness … … so several key elements together constitute a highly recognizable Cartier Drive De Cartier replica watches series. And these elements also show the characteristics of its wearer, do not follow the crowd, the pursuit of freedom and uninhibited, to maintain self-attitude to watch the style rather than status and so on.

On behalf of the characteristics of the Drive de Cartier series, regardless of wearing casual wear or dress can be easily managed, once launched on the basis of independent elegance style gentleman favored. This year, following the Drive de Cartier replica uk series of small seconds on the self-winding watch, double time zone day and night display watch and floating Tourbillon watch, this series add two new masterpiece, a slim movement watch and this A moon phase function watch.

This Drive de Cartier series moon phase cheap replica watches continues this series of aesthetic ideas, continue to interpret the elegant gentleman temperament. This section of the Drive de Cartier series moon phase watch will be accompanied by MSI’s golden moon in the wrist, the release of men’s gentle side. Cartier This moon phase watch not only enriched its Drive de Cartier series watches, more elegant gentleman to provide more watch options.

Warm tone of the 18K rose gold to create a pillow-shaped case rounded smooth, decorated with simple white twist to twist, with black large Roman numerals time, time to read clear and convenient. Dial center with a sword-shaped blue steel pointer, the mirror slightly raised for the dial to provide comprehensive protection. Dial 6 position with moon phase display, this complex function to accurately reproduce the new moon, the last month, full moon and the last round of the cycle of replacement time. Drive de Cartier replica series of moon phase display with “astronomical” level of precision quality, only need to be calibrated once every 125 years.

Watch the crown using the same 18K rose gold to create, octagonal design is simple and beautiful and easy to operate, the top of the crown inlaid a multi-faceted sapphire.

Watch strap with brown crocodile leather strap, for the daily wear to add a little charm, strap with 18K rose gold folding clasp, wearing a comfortable fit.

This Drive de Cartier series moon phase cheap replica watches equipped with Cartier 1904-LU MC workshop refined self-winding movement, visible through the transparent table back.

Summary: Cartier Drive de Cartier series of moon phase replica watches uk to attract an independent, elegant men, their pursuit of free and uninhibited, but gentle and delicate, they have their own set of life ideas and attitude towards life, when and where to keep calm. “Drive de Cartier” between their cuffs looming, not an attachment, and become such a style of expression.