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Why do I only attach importance to Rolex replica is bracelet

I have been not too much attention to the bracelet and strap, because the metal bracelet is usually not wearing any problems; belt wearing a long time to change, but we can also change the strap around a lot of places, if that general The tape is not good enough, you can also customize the strap. Some domestic custom strap business from the selection of materials, color selection to the watch done, the middle of time will not be long, custom strap texture, the quality is better, and the price is not too high, you can also marked the corresponding watch Brand logo, need to change the strap when people sit back and relax. However, in all the replica watches, I only attach importance to Rolex’s bracelet, because we all know, different models of Rolex use bracelet is not the same, and even the same chain, different periods of the chain between, there is a very big difference. This led to the Rolex replica bracelet on the value of a Rolex watch has a great impact, and even decided to buy a Rolex or do not buy the problem. It is important.

Rolex has also used a lot of leather straps in history, and we can see the antique labor of many belts.

Rolex bracelet in a very long period of time, not Rolex own do.

Even now, most of the watch brand of the strap is not actually do their own, are purchased from the outside. Rolex is currently one of the few to produce their own bracelet watch factory, but the original Rolex also do not have their own ability to produce bracelet. In history, the first Rolex Oyster bracelet is Rolex purchased from the outside. In the 1930s, watch bracelet cost extra, and today, the price of a bracelet is very high, and sometimes the price of a bracelet will account for half of the whole cheap fake watches (now let alone a chain, that is, A chain, the price is very high, especially the Rolex clasp on the small crown, if out, need to change a chain). Rolex’s oyster bracelet is from the then famous watch chain manufacturer Gay Frères. Including the later Audemars Piguet oak bracelet are provided by Gay Frères. At the time, there were many watch chains in the watch industry, but Rolex had a soft spot for Gay Frères and had been using Gay Frères’s bracelet until 1998, when Rolex acquired Gay Frères.
Rolex on the bracelet is a major improvement in the front of the chain to add a curved section, so that the bracelet and the case from the integration. This has also become the beginning of the modern oyster bracelet.

We now see that the vast majority of cheap Rolex replica is a chain with a table, the belt model is not much. But at first, the Rolex Oyster Bracelet was used only on Bubble Back and Rolex Early Chronograph. Other watches can be equipped with a belt, until one day (1952), Rolex Oyster bracelet made a major improvement, so that Oyster strap really become familiar with the look. The earliest Rolex chain is hanging between the ears on the axis, between the bracelet and the case there is a gap. Hanging on the shaft of the bracelet on the table ear shaft pressure is relatively large, leaving a “security risk”, Rolex in 1952 at the end of the chain with a chain, so that the bracelet has become now and the case into one Style, since then, Rolex metal chain belt began to dominate the world. The first use of the “modern” Oyster bracelet watch is Rolex launched in 1954 6542 GMT GMT, followed by the first generation of Rolex exploration, the first generation of water ghosts are beginning to use Oyster bracelet.
Rolex fake watches in different periods of oyster.

So far, Rolex Oyster bracelet has gone through three generations, and now in the sale of watches Oyster bracelet is the third generation of improved version.

The first generation of Oyster bracelet: the first generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “screw bracelet.” We can easily see that the first generation of Oyster bracelet on each chain (chain ends) have a screw, interspersed at both ends of the chain. This is the first generation of Oyster-style bracelet recognition features.
The second generation of oyster bracelet: the second generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “folding bracelet.” We can see that the bracelet is folded with a metal sheet from both sides to the inside. The shafts in the bracelet are invisible from the outside and are hidden inside the chain chain. This is the second generation of oyster bracelet features.

The third generation Oyster bracelet: the third generation of chain is characterized by “sealed watch chain.” That is what we are now common style. The chain section is sealed on the side, no screws, no folding, is a whole link. Now the Rolex Oyster bracelet is the appearance (note that I just said the appearance of the same), which is the characteristics of the third generation.
Rolex three generations of Oyster bracelet contrast, from top to bottom, that is, from the first generation to the third generation.
Rolex three generations of chain comparison, from left to right, respectively, the first generation to the third generation.

From the hollow into a solid heart

Now we are common Rolex is the use of the third generation Oyster bracelet models. The third generation oyster bracelet most need to pay attention to the problem is that hollow and solid. The third generation Oyster chain chain is sealed from the side, but the original third-generation Oyster chain chain is hollow. Outside is sealed, but inside is hollow. It was argued that Rolex had to make the bracelet hollow because in order to reduce the weight of the watch (it was only a guess), but for whatever reason, the hollow chain had some problems that were unavoidable. Strong and not solid for the time being, hollow chain inside the filth is true, especially in the summer, sweating, oil and more time. Rolex fake himself should have been aware of this problem, so in about 2010 (my impression is that may be a little forward in 2010) began to hollow table chain into a solid bracelet, the chain chain is a solid metal Piece. Moreover, in fact, in addition to links, before the oyster-style bracelet and case connection is actually a hollow place, and later also take the opportunity to change into a solid. So, such as the old and new yacht, the old model 16622 and the new model 116622 link, the old is hollow, the new is solid (water ghost is the same), the old and new prices between a high and one low, there is a reason The New models of materials than the previous foot.
Rolex first generation of “screw” oyster bracelet, we can see the table chain on a screw, and the table ear is used to “wear ear”.

In the collection of antique Rolex, there is a need to pay attention. I learned that some people put the collection of antique Rolex, take Rolex official after-sales maintenance. In the maintenance and repair process, Rolex official will replace some old parts into new parts. We most people will feel that Rolex’s service so well, so meticulous. But for the antique table lovers, it may not be good news, because their table is not from the original.

Rolex second generation “folding” oyster bracelet, we can see the chain section is a metal sheet repeatedly folded, the ear is also wearing ears.

Without hesitation, in addition to Rolex, I have never been concerned about any other watch bracelet, because the Rolex watch chain situation will directly affect the watch trading. One of the biggest features of the Rolex watch is the recognition between the various models. Rolex looks similar to the appearance, but through the watch on some of the details, a small place can distinguish between a new model or the old model. The bracelet is one of the most visible features of the Rooster new and old models. Now the market flow of Rolex a lot, five numbers of the old models and 6 numbers of the new amount of the largest. The previously mentioned yachts 16622 and 116622 are a very good example. Two yachts of the table almost no difference between the movement on the shock absorbers, gorgeous hair these small details we can not see, so only through the bracelet. 16622 and 116622 of the bracelet is significantly different, one will know. We often see such a situation, the table business to sell a yacht, the model is the subject of 116622, the price is very low (lower than the general price of 116622), people heart, a look at the watch chain is to know 16622, the original is the wrong model The This is why I do not understand the other table bracelet, except that a little Rolex watch chain reasons.

Rolex fake watches third generation “sealed” oyster bracelet, bracelet is sealed, the ear is not perforated “mil”.
In the previous year, Rolex launched a new DAY DATE40 (228238). The new DD40 uses new technology in the bracelet, replacing the steel shafts in the chain chain with ceramic shafts. This is because, before Rolex’s bracelet, especially the five-pin chain of the middle chain of more links, with a long time will become loose, the chain becomes loose, not strong. Replaced with ceramic shaft, the ceramic than the previous steel shaft wear, so that the bracelet is more firm. According to Rolex’s tradition, after an estimate (after a few years), Rolex’s bracelet will be replaced with a new ceramic shaft, the level of Rolex fake watches chain will once again be the overall upgrade. Has been imitated, never been beyond, this is Rolex’s bracelet.

Replica Watches

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso of women’s silk chain replica watches

Without a word, Reverso series is one of the world’s most famous high-level square watch, there was a female watch enthusiasts mentioned to me, Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watches, she only choose Reverso, because it is a table, Meaning long. In the Reverso this big family, one silk chain ladies watch, which is a very interesting branch, the history of the placid products, even after more than half a century later, is still very fashionable. This year’s SIHH, Jaeger-LeCoultre once again launched a few silk chain ladies watch, which is particularly stunning red models, model: 3268560.
No. 1 women’s silk chain watch, case size is 32.5 mm * 16.3 mm, the thickness of 7.6 mm, from the perspective of the ladies watch, this is really a very Dressy size, sort of very small, very happy, And is a long design, but also different from the previous round and square, more casual and casual, very embellished between the wrist wiping a red romantic taste.

New tones

No. 1 women’s silk chain cheap replica watches this year is not the first launch, 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre replica to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the advent of the Reverso series, it has launched a variety of women’s watch, and re-engraved. This year, there is no doubt that is the continuation of Reverso 85 anniversary of the heat to the aesthetic beauty of modern women color, to create a new one women silk chain watch (in addition to this section, there are blue and gold) The new continuation of the size of a small women’s watch structure, and Reverso unique flip characteristics.

Why is it called silk chain? This is a very representative of the history of a design, in the first half of the last century, ladies watch the emergence of this chain design, this chain with the structure, you can make watches easy to wear in hand On, and has continued, even after the last century 70 years, there are still female form with such a chain way. The early silk chain for the jewelry store with the braided chain, and Jaeger-LeCoultre brand new chain of women’s watch, the use of leather chain, the other wearing more comfortable clothes.


From the Jaeger-LeCoultre history of a Reverso female form

Jaeger-LeCoultre chain of women’s watch, the design of the blueprint from the 1931 Jaeger-LeCoultre for women set the red dial, but it can actually be traced back to 1925 when the Duoplan movement watch, This small movement, many brands produce a very similar small ladies watch, their movement by the Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watches, the only and Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is different, when these square watch, do not have Flip function.

The new Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series of women’s silk chain watch, equipped with 657 quartz movement, to achieve a more accurate travel time. As a ladies watch, if there is no special request, the quartz movement may be a better choice, it can make the watch more affordable in the price, while women are often not very demanding for the mechanical requirements of the cheap replica watches Relatively speaking, the quartz movement can make the design more unrestrained.


A side of a warm side

At both ends of the chain, there are two fixed ring, it is interesting that in these two small rings, Jaeger-LeCoultre inlaid diamonds, inadvertently embellishment do not have charm.

Flip is always the most important theme of Reverso, No. 1 women’s silk chain watch maintained Reverso unique “double-sided character”, side of the enthusiasm, side calm.

Thanks to Reverso with a number of surface features, Reverso series of women’s silk chain watch inside the case, carved radial lines, as brilliant light, but also decorated the women’s colorful.

Women’s watch, in size and design, always need to spend more thought, women for their external expression, especially focus, so we see the ladies replica watch there are some surprising clever place.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series of silk chain ladies watch from the history of the famous women’s replica watches to draw the essence of the design to silk chain for the design features, bring a unique view, wear experience.

Rolex Replica

Luxury classic Rolex date-just 41 replica watches

Speaking of Rolex, presumably we are all very familiar with. To the classic aesthetic elements and excellent function of the formation of the brand’s most unique attraction, each time after the years of baptism still maintained its classic connotation. With such a stable rock of excellent quality, exquisite atmosphere of Rolex has become the majority of friends in the hearts of the most recognizable excellent timepieces brand. 2016 years, the eloquent new Rolex heritage of the past brand technology, launched a number of exquisite, elegant new timepieces, which I have today to tell you about this Rolex date-just replica watches chain type 41 watch. (Watch model: 126333-62613)

Gold steel – tough in the luxury

Stainless steel and gold

Jin Gang, as the name suggests is a combination of gold and steel, gold luxury noble, it is desirable. Stainless steel is solid and reliable, showing men’s tough feelings. The integration of these two materials, which means that the combination of the two excellent qualities to show the classic luxury of luxury and luxury. Rolex fake as a real distinctive signs, as early as 1930 in the Rolex watch has its traces, to the official registered trademark in 1933 the name, Oyster Hengshun series will have a gold watch.

Covered with Rolex is full of the most unique DNA

Gold steel case display

Watch 41 mm gold steel case by the 18ct gold triangle pendulum bezel and 904L stainless steel middle case combination made of excellent material highlights the strong elegance and perfect ratio. After grinding, the two metals exudes two different shiny, bringing the watch the most unique watch experience.

Champagne gold dial

The unique champagne gold dial is made of 18ct gold to show luxury and elegance. Golden time scale and golden hour and minute hand are covered with fluorescent part, even in a dark environment can observe the time, adding the readability of the cheap replica watches.

“Water drop” date amplification device

This watch also set up cheap rolex replica has always been the use of “water droplets” 2.5 times the date of the device to facilitate the observation of the date, as one of the characteristics of Rolex, it also deepened the watch brand recognition.

Watch crown display

18k gold crown on the chain, after processing lines smooth and natural, feel good. The use of non-slip texture design, making the operation when the crown is not slippery hand. Crown engraved with the top of the logo, add a brand for the unique charm of the watch. As we all know, watch the most easy place to go in the crown and the back cover, but this table has a screw-in double lock double waterproof system for the watch excellent waterproof performance extra points.

Watch the ear show

With 904L stainless steel to create a good sense of the shape of the ear, the gold bracelet and gold watch case perfectly connected together for the watch to add the overall beauty, very beautiful.

3235 movement

Watch carrying screw-in bottom cover, using a dense design, a good protection of the safety of the movement. Using the brand R & D 3235 self-winding movement, through the top of the Observatory certification, in precision, dynamic storage and stability has been greatly improved. With about 70 hours of power reserve, watch water depth of 100 meters.

Watch strap display

The gold bracelet has a commemorative five-row chain section, beautiful layout, classic. With the classic cheap replica watches insurance folding clasp, 5 mm easy to adjust the chain extension system, through the fine-tuning makes the watch wear more comfortable, is the excellent human innovation.

Watch the overall display

Summary: the so-called “labor” is the eternal life of the Rolex replica watches the most sincere recognition. Classic style, trustworthy quality and in the new innovative efforts to see why the brand is so popular why. This luxury, the atmosphere of the watch is Rolex 2016 one of the outstanding watches, like its little partners to quickly start it

Cartier Replica

Cartier replica Calibre de Diver

The in-house 1904 MC powers a dive watch that stands out from the rest: the Cartier replica Calibre de Diver. Each one of the timepieces is tested and must demonstrate its resistance to salt water after immersion in a solution of sodium chloride at 18°C – 25°C for 24 hours. This is the perfect dive replica watches just in time for summer for someone who doesn’t just want great design, but also wants great performance.


About Cartier

In 1926, a trunk filled with precious stones and jewelry arrived at the Cartier fake jewelry workshops in Paris. The Maharajah wished to have the contents reset in the Parisian style. To carry out the work he chose Louis Cartier replica watches, the quintessential Paris jeweler, whom he had met in India. The result was a unique piece comprising 2,930 diamonds with a combined weight of 962.25 carats: five magnificent Art Deco diamond-studded platinum chains adorned with seven large diamonds in a variety of cuts (from 18 to 73 carats), suspended in a mesmerizing cascade.