Patek Philippe replica is mythical stainless steel Ref. 1518

In this video, Phillips Watches auctioneer, Aurel Bacs discusses the highlights of the upcoming Geneva Watch Auction: FOUR, which takes place November 12th and 13th.
Specifically, Bacs discusses the trilogy of Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 wristwatches that will be auctioned, including what the company refers to as the ne plus ultra replica watches of the 20th century – the stainless steel Patek Philippe replica Ref. 1518.
According to Bacs, in 1941, when reference 1518 was launched, it was the most complicated wristwatch in the world – made in series – in the midst of a war. The steel watch was made in 1943, and sold in Hungary in February 1944.
Watch the video to learn the full story behind this amazing piece of horological history, as well as some additional Patek Philippe replica highlights, including a rare Ref. 565 black dial steel cheap replica watches with luminous Arabic numerals gifted by the Stern family to the longtime Patek Philippe night watchmen upon retirement in 1963.