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Swiss replica watches exports in August fell 8.8%

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) today released data, in August 2016 the Swiss watch exports to 1.35 billion Swiss francs, down 8.8%. Neutral base effect and did not change one more working day Swiss watch industry exports since the beginning of this year downward trend.


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Decline in exports is mainly attributable to watch precious metals (-26.4%). On the other hand, stainless steel fake watches(+ 5.9%) and other materials replica watches (+ 16.8%) both exports growth. As for exports, exports of various materials watch statistics across the board floating green.

The export price is higher than 3,000 Swiss francs products (-14.4%) exports sharply decreased, resulting in a significant impact on the overall trend of exports. On the other hand, export prices ranged from 200 to 3,000 Swiss francs products exports showed significant growth. The export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs in export volume (-9.4%) decreased significantly, but exports (-0.7%) remained stable.

Swiss watch world’s major export markets in August, showing a drastic change in the trend: Some steep down, others bucked the trend. Hong Kong market (-28.7%) continued the downward trend in 18 months. After a honeymoon period, the US market (-12.4%) in July confirmed the downturn is not short-lived. Growth, the Chinese mainland market (+ 29.1%) strong performance, particularly thanks to favorable base effects; the UK (+ 23.5%) strong growth, continue to benefit from off-European referendum. German market (-14.7%) fell sharply for the fifth consecutive month. Room for two months, the Japanese market (-27.1%) condition suddenly deteriorated sharply.