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IWC Portuguese replica Sailing Elite Chronograph

IWC mentioned the world, understand the table of people well aware that this is a great brand. IWC mentioned Portugal series, we can think of the distant Iberian Peninsula on top of the small country, I do not know who would have thought the 16th century, the world has been the Portuguese Empire, I think the reason why the nations access to “Portugal “As the name of the navigation series watch, must be with the great navigation time of Portugal’s unique navigation technology.” Today, we watch the house to take you to a universal Portuguese series of classic navigation watch.


IWC Portuguese replica Series Sailing Elite Chronograph, its product model is IW390501

Once upon a time, IWC countries have such a slogan – “We only produced a small number of people but have the highest quality watch” – resounded through the sky; years vast, I do not know how many friends remember or understand the last century 67 The decade of the hottest IWC – the 1967 Nautical Elite watch and the 1977 Seagate Elite II watch. Brilliant, left behind is not only the glory of this time and the loneliness, as well as IWC perseverance and innovation, and finally, in 2010, the navigation elite watch with timekeeping function with a new attribution and title – World Portugal Series of nautical elite chronograph – regain new life for many IWC fans and fans, its temptation is bound to be irresistible.

4610  4612
Wanguo Portuguese series of marine elite chronograph watch is the World Series of Portuguese watches the most movement of the table style, within a few short years has become one of the most popular Portuguese watches. A fly in the ointment is that 45.4 mm * 14.5 mm case diameter for most people in terms of some of the larger.

4614  4616
IWC throughout the country adhere to the Care, intentions to do the table concept, and soon meet the needs of the table fans. IWC Portuguese series in the 75th anniversary of the birth of the IWG Portugal Series Sailing Elite Chronograph with a slightly streamlined size, more fit wrist lugs and a new strap grand debut, carefully designed to make the watch more timekeeping Elegant and harmonious. One of the most dramatic changes, than the case diameter from 45.4 mm to 43.5 mm.
Case size 43.5 mm * 14.5 mm, in front of the case has been mentioned specifically reduced the diameter of two millimeters, here to talk about a single case material, case by 18k rose gold casting, do not look down upon this 18k Rose gold, it is generally known hundreds of thousands of watches have just been willing to use such materials, which watch the other two brothers IW390502 and IW390503, just because access to the steel material, the price is a full difference of half .

4617 4618
Crown also uses 18K rose gold, screwed into the design style, thread modification, easy to grasp, brand identity, trustworthy. On the left and right sides of the crown, symmetrical distribution of the two protective devices and the shape of the yacht on the deck of the pile of time button, graceful.
18K rose gold case with silver dial, colorful beautiful. Lugs and case through the integration of structure, a slight curvature of the lug design, wear more convenient.
Durable, wear a comfortable rubber strap perfect to bring out the replica watches slender, sports characteristics. Clasp with a classic button-style design style, which is the history of heritage.
IWC Portugal Series Sailing Elite Chronograph equipped with rugged 89361-type self-made chronograph movement, the full chain can provide 68 hours power reserve, the movement is equipped with flyback function and the pointer timing time display, water depth of 60 meters, is sailing The best partner. Back through the design style, leisure can be among the leisurely goods for a product that the charm of mechanical operation.

In the dial design really spent a lot of thought, a look at the two small dial echoes, the left IWC logo and the right of the date display window is busy singing and a, this up and down around Symmetrical design of the pattern is not the Chinese people’s favorite? The central dial sometimes minute pointer and the scale, the above small dial sometimes pointer and scale, the following small dial and second hand and scale, take time and time, each independent.
A glance to see the luminous display dial, we certainly understand the heart, the central dial when the pointer is used to take time, and not only take time to facilitate during the day and night time is also convenient. Every country even to each of the 1-12 scale is equipped with a luminous, 12-point scale also specifically equipped with two luminous, inconvenient? The subject back, the second hand has not been lit, because it is not in the central dial on top.

4620 4621
At six o’clock there is a little pointer that’s been moving, it’s a small second. Small dial in the middle also marked “YACHTCLUB”, which watch even had a little relationship with the yacht club, curious table friends may wish to look at the story behind them.
Back to the timing function, the central dial of the red signal is designed to do the second hand seconds 60 seconds, not only that, 60 seconds also specifically in the scale of each second scale designed quarter of a second scale scale for The transient stall time is measured. 12 o’clock position of the small dial is designed for 60 minutes and 12 hours of time clock, the inner ring for 12 hours, the outer ring for 60 minutes, and time to read the total hours and minutes displayed.

4622  4623
Only a specific time display without calendar display watch, for some “amnesia” patients, it is how horrible thing, which watch at 3 o’clock position with a special time display window, the daily Life is more convenient to use.
9 o’clock position marked “IWC SCHAFFHASEN”, which means the nations Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen is the birthplace of the nations brand), in the neutral place to make a brand promotion, the dial layout looks more harmonious and beautiful.

IWC IWC watches not only in the quality of the watch carefully, or in the heart of the classic charm, but also in the heart of the needs of modern people. The watch inherits the classic elegance of the IWC replica watches, with 18k rose gold and a silver-plated case revealing the elegance, which in no way conceals its outstanding sporting style and its extremely rugged qualities . This is a wonderful life partner, is also an ideal sports partner.

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IWC Pilot’s Replica Watch Chronograph TOP GUN

Pilot’s Watch, has been excellent quality, Naicao quality, exquisite color value is known, is a table faithful relish replica watches. Speaking of TOP GUN, many people first thought should be Tom Cruise starred in the 1986 movie “Top Gun TOP GUN”, in fact, the real origin of the name, is a US Navy fighter defense school offers “fighter tactics instructor “special training courses (Top Gun). In 2007, named “TOP GUN Navy air combat forces” watch join the IWC pilot watch series. Its name is derived from the legend to provide special training courses for fighter pilots – “Top Gun”. And the series, once launched won wide praise. 2016, IWC replica Top gun in the series has added a masterpiece that Pilot’s TOP GUN Navy air combat forces MIRAMAR Chronograph. (Model: IW3890002)

“Is it changed you, or do you want to create a new self?” This is Zhou Xun in commercials in the nations said in a classic discourse. From the initial “tomb shortage vegetarian” little fox Chawla to classic musical “Perhaps Love” in the pursuit of dreams Sun Na, to “Painted Skin” in Millennium fox spirit Xiao Wei and other classic roles along the way, with excellent acting she received countless praise, with 25 years of popular interpretation of many roles. In the commercials, she will own 25 years of working and living compared to flight, every eyes must return to the beginning of the heart, to face the challenges of a new role, as a pilot full of energy, just the end of combat missions landed, immediately there the new mandate requires her to take off. Some people say forget themselves, to play good people, and Zhou Xun thinks each a different “her” are new self.

The early strength of the heart and also coincides with the pilot cheap replica watches, 1936, IWC IWC and the sky soon, launched its first “pilot special watch.” In the ensuing 80 years among, IWC IWC uphold the beginning of the heart, has always been committed to create the most pure pilot’s watches.


2016, IWC replica watches to “create extraordinary beginning of the heart” as the theme, launched a number of orthodox elegant timepiece masterpiece, writing a new chapter in the legendary sky. The Pilot’s TOP GUN Navy air combat forces MIRAMAR chronograph is one of the classic representatives.
With the same wristwatch as compared to the previous year, made a great change. Reduced diameter 2 mm watch case and dial design has been slightly adjusted. Black cockpit design and attractive material combination, distributed rich military style, highlighting the TOP GUN Navy air combat forces charm and charisma.

4542 4543
Engraved on the bottom of the table Top Gun Naval Air Warfare Forces flag, compared with the color marking is more restrained. Also has to protect the soft iron inner shell effective against magnetic interference.

In historic precision navigation watch dial-inspired design, with a strong aircraft cockpit of déjà vu.
Since green nylon carrying strap watches IWC Mark eleven advent of the nations on the part of the watch has been extended with a nylon strap embossed green technology, also known as “Nato strap” can be said IWC brand characteristics one of the highlights.4546
With this new replica watches strap calfskin, classic art heritage, while meeting today’s high degree of quality and aesthetic standards. Compared with nylon strap, calfskin strap has a higher shape stability, wear more comfortable advantage. With stainless steel folding clasp, easy to wear, easy to loose.

Diameter 44 mm watch ceramic case, soft texture is stable. Lighter than steel case, more scratch resistant and more resistant to corrosion. Watch the atmosphere, tough temperament has been a perfect interpretation.

On smoke gray dial, avant-garde design in red hour and minute circle outside the circle, breaking the traditional display, highlight the unique style watch, increase readability. Heavy equipment by a single date, dial design more clear and crisp. Timing recording 1-12 minutes in between the display in the “12 o’clock” position in a separate small dial, chronograph and easy to read manner. The central chronograph seconds hand chronograph measuring time within one minute. With flyback function, press the reset button chronograph instantly to zero, you can immediately start a new round of counting.

Radian natural lugs, polished black ceramic case exudes luster, very beautiful.
There around the needle and 3,6,9,12 timescale fluorescent display, even in dark environments can accurately grasp the time.

Equipped with 89361 automatic movement drive, timing precision. Providing 68 hours of power reserve after the full chain, endurance functional excellence.

Inheritance plus innovative, sophisticated technology, robust tabulation attitude, coupled with the US Navy air clan element constituting such a set of beautiful, domineering, tough style of a pilot series of IWC TOP GUN Navy air combat forces MIRAMAR timing watch, like tough aviator watch, and the Friends of the army hobby table of elements can be considered to start a watch.

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Swiss replica watches exports in August fell 8.8%

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) today released data, in August 2016 the Swiss watch exports to 1.35 billion Swiss francs, down 8.8%. Neutral base effect and did not change one more working day Swiss watch industry exports since the beginning of this year downward trend.


Swiss replica watches

Decline in exports is mainly attributable to watch precious metals (-26.4%). On the other hand, stainless steel fake watches(+ 5.9%) and other materials replica watches (+ 16.8%) both exports growth. As for exports, exports of various materials watch statistics across the board floating green.

The export price is higher than 3,000 Swiss francs products (-14.4%) exports sharply decreased, resulting in a significant impact on the overall trend of exports. On the other hand, export prices ranged from 200 to 3,000 Swiss francs products exports showed significant growth. The export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs in export volume (-9.4%) decreased significantly, but exports (-0.7%) remained stable.

Swiss watch world’s major export markets in August, showing a drastic change in the trend: Some steep down, others bucked the trend. Hong Kong market (-28.7%) continued the downward trend in 18 months. After a honeymoon period, the US market (-12.4%) in July confirmed the downturn is not short-lived. Growth, the Chinese mainland market (+ 29.1%) strong performance, particularly thanks to favorable base effects; the UK (+ 23.5%) strong growth, continue to benefit from off-European referendum. German market (-14.7%) fell sharply for the fifth consecutive month. Room for two months, the Japanese market (-27.1%) condition suddenly deteriorated sharply.

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Three back through replica watches recommend

People is the most difficult to see through people’s minds, but seen through a watch movement is not so difficult, just choose a design using back through the watch, you can watch the movement of internal precision operation at a glance today watches replica home we recommend using several back through the design of the watch.

Omega Seamaster replica watch


Watch series: Seamaster
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41.5 mm
Watches Review: Omega Seamaster watch contains stylish appearance, accurate travel time, high durability and cost-effective, practical, can be described as outstanding, diving table is more popular watches. This watch iconic “teak concept” sun ray polished lacquered blue dial interpretation of a strong ocean concept design, while at the accurate travel, but also make the wearer feel the ocean of infinite grace.

Masters Series Q1368420 Jaeger-LeCoultre watches

Watch series: Masters Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: alligator
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watches Review: Jaeger-LeCoultre watches classic masters, using 39 mm diameter design, stainless steel case to build, with brown crocodile leather strap, a watch is used cal.925 self-winding movement, power reserve 43 hours, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Silver round dial elegant, generous. Date intraday 6 o’clock also possesses the moon phase display.

IWC Portuguese replica series IW500107 watches


Watch series: Portugal Series
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: alligator
Case diameter: 42.3 mm
Watches Comments: this IW500107 known affectionately become “Portugal seven”, from which it has a power reserve of seven days, while in the three o’clock position set the power reserve display, nine o’clock small seconds dial. You can look through the sapphire crystal case back IWC 51011 automatic movement, 42.3 mm oversized heart feel really cool to see how happy and balanced occupy small seconds dial and power reserve dial face plate about six o’clock position Date trapezoidal window slightly inward into, let alone window also showing three-dimensional. The seven Portuguese-winding watch, both large and not only beauty, elegance and outstanding.

As part of the watch movement, one of the most important in the purchase of the watch will certainly focus on watch movement, with the replica watches back through the design of the watch is more than close the bottom of the income of all ages, today we recommended several watches are all used for the design through the end, and are equipped with various brands of self-produced movement, worth choosing.