Panerai PAM 00661 replica watches

Switzerland always been called “Watch homeland”, and today I tell you: there is a place called Italy also have Haute Horlogerie, where a long history, full of art. Then this, people will immediately know how to blurt out: Panerai. Yes, that is born in 1860, has a bond with the ocean’s senior watch brand. Today to introduce the launch of a new Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3-day power storage watch, the official model: PAM00661.

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One will be able to see through, and only Panerai replica

With a shape that can be seen through the cheap replica watches is not much, even if one of Panerai, the case design RECOGNIZABLE Panerai became irreplaceable DNA, while accompanied by a wide strap, exaggerated care bridge and minimalist dial with a scale, as long as people looked to never forget. We all know that Panerai was first to serve the Italian Royal Navy, born with a military form descent, although with the development into a civilian watch, but still did not get rid of the original flavor. Many people love it, not only because of its distinctive, but also to pursue a feeling, personal feeling full of retro flavor every piece of Panerai, do not need to do anything special design, which one can easily make people recall ever.

You must dare to play a bold, innovative materials Panerai

In the current fight this new era, the major watch brands are really pull out all the stops, creativity everywhere. Panerai adhering to tradition, it is also innovative, Take the case material, is also playing a lot of “tricks” used including bronze, titanium, PVD, aluminum, ceramics, etc., including a variety of materials.

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I believe many people still remember, last year launched a Panerai to Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials for the production of watch PAM00616, so watch industry much surprise, this material is unique, it can be said is the first to be applied to the senior watch making among. In May this year in Florence, the birthplace Panerai brand ended DIVE INTO TIME exhibition, Panerai again using the same material showed a new Luminor Marina, which is PAM00661 While this article to introduce to character color value won unanimous praise.
According to official statistics: in order to produce material Carbotech watch components using carbon fiber sheet in a temperature controlled by high pressure compression and added polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK), to this composite bonding in together, make it harder and more durable. Depends on the structure, mechanical properties Carbotech similar materials than used in the watch industry or other materials (such as ceramics and titanium metal) is more advantageous. Carbotech weight ratio of the two materials are lighter, better able to withstand outside influence, but does not cause allergic reactions, not susceptible to corrosion.

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Thus, in the material Panerai innovations brought about remarkable achievement indeed should not be underestimated. Editors personally touched this watch, highly textured matte black surface, texture is also very nice, and watch each one due to the cutting mode are different and show different patterns, become a unique presence.
Watch not only the use of innovative materials technology, the case also with the new changes, but still maintains some of the Panerai taste. Pillow Case 44mm full military style sense, the new Luminor Marina watch from the Luminor 1950 evolved, but loyal to the original design, compared to look even more slim, but also reduce a lot of weight.

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But also with the eye-catching crown for the bridge it means proportionately adjusted only with very strong water resistance to a depth of 300 meters.
Panerai dial design never too much decoration, pure black disk dotted pale yellow standard scale, classic dots interspersed with Arabic numerals, showing a hint of distant history of taste. 12 and 6 o’clock decorated with logos and brand Panerai watch to your family, the rectangular opening at 3 o’clock date display window.

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In this year’s Panerai design, in addition to material innovation in design also improved. While this watch small seconds pointer using a more eye-catching blue, is formed on the dial only contrasting elements, blue ocean, but also highlights the Panerai marine soul, very chic and elegant.
Panerai attention to detail design feature that can be said is well known, both the crown, or strap lugs are of high quality evidence, even the polished edges and corners of the case is filled with a sense of design.

Turning a watch for the soul, it is natural to talk about the most central parts – the movement. Although this watch uses a dense bottom pan design, the movement can not see the true capacity, but still want to edit for everyone to poke the veil to find out:
PAM00661 Panerai replica watches is equipped with the newly released P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement, While this movement officially launched in May this year, with basic display time, date display and three days moving storage function. Movement diameter 13¾ fractionation, thickness 6 mm by 200 parts, including 31 jewels. With support arms balance cock supporting the vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) of the balance wheel, pull out the device is connected at the crown can suspend the operation of the balance wheel, so watch to adjust time in perfect sync with the time signal. In addition, P.9010 movement means mounted independently to each cell one hour before and after the move the hour hand, the minute hand will not be affected, easy adjustment. This function is to make the transition area or winter time change especially convenient, but also can adjust the clock and automatically correct the date display.
Panerai PAM00661 is a new masterpiece of color have high value content, and 44mm in diameter Panerai “clan” in it, men and women are optional size; innovative materials and unique texture is cut unprecedented fresh design, in short, this watch to Panerai advanced sports watch define a new logo