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He went to the date of the annual reunion of the Cowherd. On the occasion of the Tanabata festival, Rolex replica watches cheap recommended for each pair of lovers new 2016 series Oyster Perpetual watch, with the top-level observatory through certified precision timepieces, giving real meaning to miss most of every minute and wait.
Oyster Perpetual replica Cosmograph Daytona


Rolex replica introduced the new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona (Oyster Perpetual CosmographDaytona) 904L steel watch with Rolex has developed and patented by the black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring. The latest high-tech design and extraordinary aesthetic melting pot, this time to pay tribute to the legendary tradition of excellence meter. The black outer adhering to the 1965 version of the black resin bezel design. New Cosmograph Daytona Rolex 2015 obtained top lay Observatory certification, to ensure that the watch worn on the wrist to play top-level performance.
The new replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 904L steel watch with Rolex developed and patented black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, high-tech aesthetics and extraordinary melting pot, this time to pay tribute to the legendary tradition of excellence meter . Its black and white dial design complement each other, it is sturdy elegance and perfect proportions of the model.
Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41

Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41
Rolex introduced the new Oyster Perpetual Datejust (Oyster Perpetual Datejust) watch case 41 mm, with technology leading the Rolex watchmaking 3235-type movement. The new Datejust steel and gold watch with 41 timeless style magic roses, in addition to a variety of dial for selection. The new Rolex Datejust replica 41 obtained in 2015 to lay the top Observatory certification, to ensure the watch worn on the wrist to play top-level performance.
Oyster Perpetual Datejust Ladies 28

Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28
Rolex introduced a new generation of ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust (Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust) watches: Gold steel (yellow Rolesor) subsection and subsection magic Eternal Rose (Everose Rolesor), the former is a combination of 904L steel and 18 ct gold, the latter was the eternal rose gold with a combination of 904L steel 18 ct. Case New watches redesigned diameter to 28 mm. 2236 watch is also equipped with a mechanical movement, this movement is installed cheap Rolex replica patent Syloxi silicon springs, and received the 2015 Rolex lay top Observatory certification, to ensure that the watch worn on the wrist to play top-level performance.
Since the advent of 1945, the log type has been synonymous with elegance at precision meter. Ladies Datejust in the late 1950s the advent of the first women’s table-type log, log-type watch it elegance and unique features collected in a small size of the case, the more suitable for female wrists. A new generation of women’s Datejust 41 and 28 respectively Datejust steel gold and timeless magic rose two designs, but also makes the aesthetic elements of the two watches reflect each other, complement each other.

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IWC Aquatimer diver replica watches

When it comes to the IWC and diving close association dates back to the 1960s. The growing popularity of diving prompted the IWC in 1967 launched its first gold IWC Aquatimer replica watches, water resistance up to 20 bar, equipped with a rotating bezel to display the dive time. Watch today for everyone to bring home a third-generation IWC with mechanical depth gauge diver watch, count III series of deep-sea diver watch models IWC Aquatimer: IW355701.

IWC Aquatimer replica Family – Three deep sea diver watch

For diving enthusiasts, the diving safety is very important, and the nations Aquatimer watches in safety performance has been improving. Diving safety must have reliable equipment and to follow some basic principles relating to technical equipment, such as life and diving regulator diving depth gauge, etc. must prepare two sets. During the dive, in addition to pay attention to the current parameters of depth and has reached the maximum dive depth, but also be sure to keep an eye on the dive time has been consumed, to ensure there is enough time to decompress go up, and if necessary decompression depth stays. These requirements for depth and scuba diving calculations, this IWC Aquatimer Three deep sea diver watch can do it.

46 mm titanium case, so that the whole gold watch worn on the wrist to reduce a lot of weight. In the 100-meter waterproof guarantee premise, equipped with two diving-specific functions, mechanical and internal and external rotating bezel equipped with security systems and equipped with a diving catch needle indicated a mechanical depth gauge displays the maximum depth of 50 meters.

3822 3823
Watch a thickness of 16.5 mm, can be screwed into the side of the crown with waterproof rubber-coated, above the crown of the maximum depth pointer reset button. Titanium was below the clutch system is wrapped bezel system.
Black rubber strap, durable, can withstand great tension. And not just in diving, are very comfortable to wear at any time.

3824 3825
This IWC Aquatimer Family Three deep sea diver watch, its huge crown on the left side for pressure measurement system, through a clamp protection. Pressure cover small holes into the system via a pressure transducer in the elastic membrane, and then push the shaft inside the case. This pressure is transmitted by a system of levers, two depth gauge pointer to move the center of the watch. During the dive, the blue cursor shows the current diving depth, the maximum depth of the red pointer is stuck in the position of maximum depth reached by the pawl to prevent their return to the original position.

3826 3827
Titanium pin buckle most suitable sports watch, easy to fall off after wearing.
Lugs connected with the natural curvature of the ratio of the rubber strap. Bars with IWC bracelet quick-change system, quick-release strap without the aid of tools.
Counter-rotating diving bezel is very simple to use, usually just rotating the rotary bezel in diving, so that 0 scale rotating bezel is aligned with the minute hand, and then look after minute walk correspondence scale rotating bezel can know the dive time used . Bezel constituted by a plurality of components, embedded in a width of 4 mm, sapphire glass ring, the bottom is coated with Super-LumiNova® luminous coating. Total IWC Aquatimer series Three deep sea diver watch case design takes into account the advantages of the rotating inner ring pointer timely subject of dust, scratch and properties of rotating bezel for easy operation.

3828 3829
Indication rod time scale, there are Super-LumiNova® luminous coating, even in deep water, are still able to accurately read.
Table back by the five screws and a helmet decorated with an exquisite relief, deep sea diver on the 3rd professional diving watch as a symbolic expression of the perfect equipment. Equipped with IWC replica watches Cal.30120 automatic movement with date display and power reserve of 42 hours.

As a professional diving watch, equipped with two of the most useful features diving, deep-sea series III meter diver watches IWC Aquatimer replica watches shop absolutely the best choice for diving enthusiasts, two generations after the update, give this wrist table excel. More than 10 million price let this watch in diving watch category have a strong competitive edge

Cartier Replica

Cartier Tank replica watches

When in 1917 Louis Cartier replica(Louis Cartier) sketched out the first Tank watch, he broke the shackles round case presents new and harmonious design. A century later, Tank watch elegant charm as ever, perfect.

The early twentieth century, began to rise watches, pocket watches and gradually snatch market (although the Swiss export statistics show that until 1930, the popularity and the pocket watch was quite). The shift from the pocket watch, gave birth to the new design and a variety of different solutions, some successful designs have come out and come to the fore. A hundred years ago, want to round case and bracelet with beautiful straight way connected is not simple. The focus of the problem lies in the junction of the design, the need to ensure the continuity of the case and bracelet. He felt a revolution is brewing, Louis Cartier (1875 Year – 1942) started looking for answers. He was able to look at this issue from the perspective of jewelers, watch predictions for the future lies in accessories. He also has keen insight, and Edmond Jaeger work together. Edmond Jaeger is a talented watchmaker, rich experience in the production of small-size movement aspect.

In 1917, the first Tank watch came. After World War I, the prototype of Cartier gift John J. Pershing (John Pershing), which is a wartime commander in the then US expeditionary force. Reportedly, the new watch and then another invention, Renault tanks, linking, it is Louis Cartier himself. In 1919, Tank watch listed for sale. Case square, on behalf of the tank body; the vertical sides of the lugs, on behalf of tank tracks, connecting the strap to provide a clever means. Published in 1998, “Tank watch” (The Tank Watch), a book, Franco Cologni depicts two parallel lugs for vertical movement and against the background of the overall structure of the highlight effect. Roman numerals, track minute scale, blue steel hands and inlaid cabochon sapphire winding crown, this groundbreaking design continues the tradition until now.
Early 1920s, Tank Case style evolved from a rectangular square, such as curved Tank Cintrée watch (1921), Tank LC watch (ie Tank Louis Cartier watch, 1922), and Tank Allongée watch (1922 ). Since then, Tank watch in a variety of different names and appearance occurs, there is the square, also of rectangular. As Franco Cologni noted, specification changes own pace, it is the original Tank watch perfectly proportioned proof.

Between a hundred years, regardless of the ebb and flow of the market and trends, Tank watch always easily deal with. In 1922, Cartier launched the Tank Chinoise watch. That time, the Western world obsessed with everything from the East, especially China thing. Tank Chinoise watch with temple lintels inspired beam up and down two sides of the vertical projection of exactly correspond to the lugs. In 1978 and 1979, Cartier and have released two new Tank Chinoise watch men and women. In 1928, when the market showed interest in the digital display, it is considered more modern than the traditional division needle, Tank à Guichets watch came into being.

Some customers want to be able to flip the watch to protect the dial, personalized engraving, in response to this demand, 1932 Tank Réversible turned out to watch. Tank Réversible applications Cartier watch – Jaeger-LeCoultre patented design, a Tank Basculante watch (renamed in 1992) is a source of inspiration. On Tank Basculante watch history only produced the 416, with its scarcity of highly sought after by collectors of all ages. 1977 issue of Tank Must de Cartier watch series belong Must, with silver gilt case with different colored lacquered dial, the price is more friendly, widely loved by the young customers welcome.

Today, the Tank series is mainly divided into five styles. Tank Louis Cartier in 1922, still faithful to the original design, rooted in Art Deco style. 1989 launch of the Tank Américaine watch followed the Tank Cintrée watch (1921) appearance, although the size is slightly larger, more Founder, but the case continued to show a curved design. In fact, Tank Américaine Cartier is the first waterproof case with curved watch.

In 1996, this watch and jewelery manufacturers to achieve new breakthroughs –Tank Française watch. Case crawler bracelet arc placed in the center, as one of many links, did not affect the overall smooth lines and coherence, case and bracelet seamless, more like a bracelet watch.
2012, Tank Anglaise watch the advent inject new vitality for this series, the crown integrated within the case is unique in the watch. In 2013, Cartier launched the Tank MC watch (MC is “Manufacture Cartier” Cartier watchmaking abbreviation), so named because this is Cartier’s first watch equipped with Calibre 1904 MC autonomous movement (available in 2010). Tank MC watch with masculine atmosphere of the case, and a sapphire crystal through the end design.