2016 new Breitling Avenger replica watches

Switzerland’s top independent watch brand Breitling officially released in China 2016 New Avengers series watch. Avenger Breitling watches are currently in the Chinese market, the best-selling styles on the event, in addition to all-round display to create innovative materials Breitlight®, domineering superior Breitling Avenger hurricane watch, more heavy unveiled a limited 50 gold, only for sale in mainland China’s second generation of World time Breitling Avenger black steel Limited China, while Breitling Avenger Seawolf black steel dive watch is also a priority in the rest of the world, the first published in Chinese.

Breitling Avenger replica series demonstrates the power of action

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From the date of its founding in 1884, Breitling – synonymous with this chronograph – would play in the development process chronograph in a vital role, and continue to lead the technological innovation and achieve self-transcendence, and constantly create history at the same time, but also time to open up opportunities for the next challenge.

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Mr. Breitling Global Sales Director Marco Sbriccoli released the second generation of the World Time Breitling Avenger Black Steel Limited China (Avenger II GMT Blacksteel China Edition)
Conference site, Breitling Global Sales Director Marco Mr. Sbriccoli and guests shared a breakthrough innovation achievements to date Breitling brand in the course of development achieved, and details of the new 2016 Breitling Avenger watches. One of the most striking is the use of new materials independently developed Breitlight® Breitling Breitling Avenger build hurricane watch. The watch has eye-catching oversized table diameter of 50 mm, using advanced innovative Breitlight® material, very sturdy case is surprisingly light, and featuring a new self Breitling B12 movement, with 24-hour military time display. Specifically for the Chinese mainland market, limited 50 Breitling Avenger II World Time black steel China limited edition watch is the latest masterpiece Breitling presented specifically for Chinese consumers, the use of the red element is the tribute to China’s traditional culture and complex. Mr. Sbriccoli said: “the courage to challenge, continuous innovation is the intrinsic gene Breitling watches, Breitling brand is to promote a step by step development of the most critical factors, and watches Avenger (Avenger) is by virtue of superior performance and appearance has always been fresh cool loved by consumers. Therefore, we are very pleased to bring the latest technology used in this series, the same is also very honored to be in this combination presents China with Chinese characteristics and consumer preferences crafted Chinese limited edition watch. ”


Breitling Avenger Black Steel China World Time II Limited Edition Watch Avenger II GMT Blacksteel China Edition

As a distinct style and personality of the independent watch brand, Breitling watchmaking skills not only on the courage to break through the self, its development process and more human beings continue to challenge the limits, chasing the dream of the grand chapter inseparable. From the “Aurora 7” Space maiden voyage together to bring about a hot air balloon Breitling No. 3 non-stop flight around the world, from the whole situation brought to the flight races to fully support the challenge under the command pilot flying record. Breitling always firmly believed that strength of the human potential and challenges, and this spirit imprinted with the anchor in the wings among the Breitling logo.


Dare to challenge the limits of cross-country

2016 Breitling became the official base limit the Discovery flight timing (Discovery Adventures Park Aviation Official Timekeeper). This event, Breitling 2016 “cross-country Vietnam dare” challenge Avengers Alliance also perfect assembly, adhering to brand the courage to challenge the spirit of love of adventure challenge challengers composition Avengers Alliance, outdoor survival experience the excitement and joy of flying.

After the conference, the guests Breitling Avenger alliance composed of the challenges in the Discovery series of limit base experience is agonistic ultimate project and challenge themselves at the same time feel the tension and nature charm outdoor sports. In the hot air balloon ride, each time rising, heat is triggered each share of adrenaline surged players to experience the earliest human courage and desire to conquer the sky; the layout of the complex array of challenges in the network, will and faith to lead collaboration with the players, discover their tenacity and fearlessness in fighting difficulties and setbacks. And in the most challenging outdoor survival experience, the players through the long mountain hiking, learning orientation, fire, water filtration, abseiling, slacklining and other outdoor survival skills, feel different from the stimulus of city life. Adventure must be accompanied by an unknown and uncertain factors in the wild, strange environment, coaches wear Breitling Avenger II watch (Avenger II) and Super Avenger II watch (Super Avenger II) to help players in the field precise orientation, help brave adventure!

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After five generations inheritance, by virtue of the Breitling chronograph, craftsmanship become a highly sought-after partner in the aviation community trust and praise, accurate record of the history of human struggle to conquer the sky. Today, Breitling and more to enrich the product line, diverse functions, in the sky, land, sea show robust, reliable and accurate performance, accompanied by love adventure, the ultimate challenge of the brave self-break, to explore the passion of life