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Breitling replica 40 Year Anniversary Chrono-Matic QP and 1461 Limited Editions

To praise the 40th commemoration of the dispatch of their first programmed chronograph development, Breitling is presenting two restricted versions of its Chrono-Matic model. The first is the Chrono-Matic 1461, a stainless steel version of 2,000 pieces joining a chronograph with a timetable that requires conformity once every jump year. The second, in red gold, is a chronograph with ceaseless timetable in red gold, constrained to only 125 pieces and called the Chronomatic QP.


The numeric segment of the Chrono-Matic 1461 name alludes to the quantity of days the timetable can “recollect” the date. The day, date and month are shown through subdials with straight hands that make an instrument board look. The 1461, demonstrated as follows, goes ahead a woven steel Aero Classic arm jewelery.


The Chrono-Matic QP’s development comprises of very nearly 500 sections. The development shows the date, day, week, month, season, and moon stage, making note of jump years. Both the QP and the 1461 are COSC-confirmed chronometers.

The Chono-Matic 1461 is accessible in a restricted arrangement of 2000 pieces in steel beginning at $8,960 on a cowhide strap. The Chono-Matic QP is accessible in red gold with a constrained arrangement of 250 pieces beginning on a calfskin strap at $51,085.

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