Longines Replica new Comcast series of women moon phase watch

Swiss famous watchmaker Longines Replica launched a new series of women’s moon Camus luxury replica watches. Case made of stainless steel, diameter 34 mm or 29.5 mm, equipped with anti-glare coating sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof up to 300 meters.

Equipped with Swiss-made Longines Caliber L296.2 quartz movement (based on ETA E63.171), with the central hours and seconds display function, date and moon phase display were set at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock position.

The dial offers a variety of options, or white matte with two Arabic numerals and nine time scales, or silver sun pattern with two Arabic numerals and nine time scales, or black paint with two Arabic numerals and nine time scales , Or pearl mother of pearl dial inlaid 11 diamond time scale (0.031 karats), are decorated with rhodium-plated pointer.
Longines new comic series women’s moon phase cheap replica watches with stainless steel bracelet and butterfly buckle.

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Omega Speedmaster Replica 60th Anniversary Edition 38.6mm watch

In Omega’s many glorious historical moments, in 1957 has a special significance, in that year, Omega Replica also released three professional timepieces: Omega Hippocampus 300 watch, Omega Teva watch and Omega Super watch. 60 years later, Omega launched three classic watch limited edition suits, to the 1957 three classic legendary watch tribute, the world is only available for sale 557 sets. In the 1950s, Omega will design a different logo for the watch engraved. In order to commemorate that era, the Omega has given three different brand logo, showing its clever intentions. (Watch model: 311.

Omega 1957 three classic watch limited edition suits, the 60th anniversary of super limited edition 38.6mm watch the original watch for the first super watch. The first super watch is often referred to as “wide arrow” watch, which stems from its unique “wide arrow” shaped pointer design. The classic timepiece is not only the first super series of watches, but also the world’s first speed scale from the dial to the replica watches on the watch. This unique design is tailored specifically for racing drivers, making reading time more convenient.

Omega through digital scanning technology, access to the 1957 original watch high precision images, and then with the original original watch hand-painted design, for the new commemorative edition watch provides a design template, to achieve the greatest degree of reduction 60 years ago three Classic watch design. The new three watch with Swiss oak material carefully crafted gift box bearing, engraved with limited edition number. The box is also equipped with a dedicated leather watch collection, including six spare leather strap (three leather strap and three NATO NATO military strap), and a wooden spring rod strap replacement tool.

Watch with 38.6 mm steel case, table diameter is moderate, the case after polishing and frosted, with a black dial. Black “tropical” style dial, the center for the super watch watch representative elements, “wide arrow” pointer. Pointer and strip time scale is also attached to the orange luminous coating, for this paragraph watch to add bright colors. Watch 3 o’clock position with 30 minutes chronograph, 6 o’clock position with 12 hours chronograph, 9 o’clock position with a small seconds. Watch bezel marked with speed scale, you can read to 1000 meters from the estimated speed.

Watch stainless steel crown exquisite small, side with non-slip texture treatment, the top of the Omega brand logo. In the crown up and down, respectively, with the start time, pause button and timer home button.

Stainless steel strap after a new upgrade, more durable, more unique beauty, clasped engraved with retro style “OMEGA” logo.

Omega Speedmaster 60th anniversary limited edition 38.6mm cheap replica watches interior equipped with Omega 1861 movement, like a precise beating heart, for the watch to provide a steady stream of power. Watch also has a 60 meter waterproof depth.

Summary: the new Omega Speed ​​60 anniversary of the limited edition 38.6 mm watch for the Omega 2017 Basel luxury replica watches show new, will be available in May this year, can be purchased separately, the official offer for 54,100 RMB. You can also choose to beautifully gift box carrying the three classic watch limited edition suits.

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Mido Replica Commander Series Silicon Tours Long Kinetic Observatory

Commander series, Mido Replica in the watch an unusual watch, not like the Bellon Saili is so gentle and meticulous, not like the pilot who is like masculine, nor with the Bruner series argue who is more gentleman, it Yes, the beauty of the power from the structure of the building is the romantic style of men with men, this is the commander series, a Paris Eiffel Tower from the design inspiration of the Swiss beauty replica watches original series of watches. This year, it has a new look, new kernel, new feelings, let us take a look at this unique watch (model: M031.631.11.061.00).

The Eiffel Tower is the most important landmark in the fashion capital of Paris. It is built to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It is all cast from steel. It seems to be full of art and personality and tell stories of the past. Change. US commander series watch the Eiffel Tower building concept, through the Swiss watch language, to express the same spiritual core.

Mido generation of commander series of luxury replica watches, the continuation of the past classic design elements, including rounded case shape, full of architectural sense of the pointer and scale structure, and chic back design. One of the more discerning point is that the commander series watch crown, part of the hidden in the case, so the appearance of the crown will appear to be small, so as to maintain the entire case of symmetry, balance The

The new version of the commander series of watches, white disc and dark gray disk two, disk to do the sun pattern processing, more refined. As with the previous watch, it has a week and calendar display function, for the daily life to provide convenient time information.

We often say to pick the right watch, in fact, watch will pick people, the commander series watch is different from the collection of watch that kind of gentle, it is more hardcore men’s temperament, and thus more suitable for more stable personality wear The
And the previous watch is different, the commander series watch this time with a new form of bracelet – stainless steel braided bracelet, which is common in some of the classic watch, by some of the impact of the design wave, on The second half of the century a lot of precious metal watch, often equipped with a braided metal bracelet. This bracelet is comfortable, delicate and supple. In order to solve the traditional woven metal chain can be intercepted can not be re-connected, resulting in can not easily adjust the effective length of the problem, Mido selected a similar classic discount, can be more convenient to adjust the position of the clasp, Can adjust the effective length to accommodate different wrist weeks of the crowd.

Based on the different forms of the case, there is no traditional lugs, so only from the back to see its connection, in fact, this will be easier to wear, the watch will not float above the wrist. Although we often think that such bracelet, because there are more gaps, easy to fouling, but the general watch shop has ultrasonic cleaning machine, can be very easy to clean up, and the cost is not high, so no need to worry.

In addition to the chain with the previous series of commanders are different, it is equipped with the Observatory certified Caliber 80 Si automatic mechanical movement, which is the latest US basic movement of one of the basic configuration, with 80 hours long kinetic energy , The use of silicon gossamer, and after the Observatory certification, from all angles, million within the mechanical watch, its technical is the strongest.

In addition, the watch also has a luminous function, no time to turn on the lights, you can see the time.

At the same time, we have this commander series of watches for six directions of data measurement, manual winding about 30 laps or so, to ensure that the power is sufficient, and draw the difference shown in the situation. This measurement, are in a static position of the measurement, to see the Swiss american watch COMMANDER commander series of silicon tour length long kinetic observatory men’s watch has a good travel time accuracy, the Observatory certification error standard is -4 / +6 Seconds / day, and the watch test results are ideal.

Summary: Some romantic only flow on the surface, while the Swiss american commander series of watch romance, then in-depth details, different regular bracelet, are not the traditional case, full of architectural aesthetics of the dial, and has a strong inside Core, I think you should have a commander.

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